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The Caucasus glaciers in the past, present and future
Hydrometeorologists have counted that within the last century the area, volume and length of the Big Caucasus glaciers decreased steadily. The process continues now and will go on in the future. Along with that, the quantity of glaciers grows. The global climate change has naturally affected the glaciers. Researchers from the North-Caucasian Hydremeteorological Service have studied the recent... View News Article (2003-11-21)

No Glacier Existed Twenty Thousand Years Ago In Trans-Ural Region
It was not that cold in subarctic areas of Russia during the epoch of the latest glaciation. This has been proved by the remains of animals found there - not only remains of such frost-resisting animals as mammoths and reindeers, but also those of horses. View News Article (2004-11-19)

Scientists find signs of 'snowball Earth' amidst early animal evolution
Geologists have found evidence that sea ice extended to the equator 716.5 million years ago, bringing new precision to a "snowball Earth" event long suspected to have taken place around that time. View News Article (2010-03-05)

What really happened prior to 'Snowball Earth'?
In a study published in the journal Geology, scientists at the University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science suggest that the large changes in the carbon isotopic composition of carbonates which occurred prior to the major climatic event more than 500 million years ago, known as 'Snowball Earth,' are unrelated to worldwide glacial events. View News Article (2012-01-30)

Antarctic research helps shed light on climate change on Mars
Researchers examining images of gullies on the flanks of craters on Mars say they formed as recently as a few hundred thousand years ago and in sites once occupied by glaciers. The features are eerily reminiscent of gullies formed in Antarctica's mars-like McMurdo Dry Valleys. View News Article (2008-08-29)

Explosive underwater volcanoes were a major feature of 'Snowball Earth'
Around 720-640 million years ago, much of the Earth's surface was covered in ice during a glaciation that lasted millions of years. Explosive underwater volcanoes were a major feature of this 'Snowball Earth', according to new research led by the University of Southampton. View News Article (2016-01-19)

An ancient Earth like ours
An international team of scientists including Mark Williams and Jan Zalasiewicz of the Geology Department of the University of Leicester, and led by Dr. Thijs Vandenbroucke, formerly of Leicester and now at the University of Lille 1 (France), has reconstructed the Earth's climate belts of the late Ordovician Period, between 460 and 445 million years ago.  View News Article (2010-08-10)

Why Have Giant Deer Become Extinct?
The scientist from the Institute of Plants and Animals Ecology, Russian Academy of Sciences (Ural Branch), has made a description of the giant dear remains, found in the Ural, and has determined their age. Giant deer Megaloceros giganteus originated as a species in the preglacial epoch, lived through the glaciation period and died out about 8-9 thousand years ago after the climate had become... View News Article (2003-07-25)

UCSB geologist discovers pattern in Earth's long-term climate record
In an analysis of the past 1.2 million years, UC Santa Barbara geologist Lorraine Lisiecki discovered a pattern that connects the regular changes of the Earth's orbital cycle to changes in the Earth's climate. View News Article (2010-04-07)

The Antarctic polar icecap is 33.6 million years old
The Antarctic continental ice cap came into existence during the Oligocene epoch, some 33.6 million years ago, according to data from an international expedition led by the Andalusian Institute of Earth Sciences (IACT)-a Spanish National Research Council-University of Granada joint centre. View News Article (2013-05-28)

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