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The worm that turned on heavy metal
Researchers in South America have studied the viability of using earthworms to process hazardous material containing high concentrations of heavy metal for the bioremediation of old industrial sites, landfill and other potentially hazardous areas.  View News Article (2010-12-07)

Proximity To Landfill Sites Linked To Increased Risk Of Congenital Chromosomal Abnormalities (p 320)
New data from a 1998 study to assess the potential risks of chromosomal abnormalities of residents living near landfill sites is detailed in a research letter in this week's issue of THE LANCET. The findings suggest that the increased risk of chromosomal abnormalities is of a similar magnitude to the increased risk of non-chromosomal abnormalities previously reported. Previous findings of the... View News Article (2002-01-23)

Bringing harmony to electronic waste disposal
Disposal and recycling standards for old computer equipment and other electronic waste must be harmonized for this rapidly growing problem to be dealt with effectively across national borders. View News Article (2009-09-08)

Clinical waste management needs specialized regulation
A study carried out by the University of Granada (UGR) warns of the need to unify existing plans for clinical waste management in the different autonomous communities to improve recycling and waste disposal. View News Article (2011-01-07)

More emphasis needed on recycling and reuse of Li-ion batteries
The discovery of potential environmental and human health effects from disposal of millions of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries each year has led scientists to recommend stronger government policies to encourage recovery, recycling and reuse of lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery materials. View News Article (2013-05-23)

British Antarctic Survey Wins Environment Award
The British Antarctic Survey (BAS), is winner of a national "Green Apple" Gold environmental award for the successful removal of an old waste dump from Antarctica. The Green Apple Awards were presented at The House of Commons yesterday (6 November) at a prize-winning ceremony hosted by The Rt. Hon. Patricia Hewitt MP, Secretary of State for Trade & Industry and Minister for Women.... View News Article (2003-11-07)

Plastic products leach toxic substances
Many plastic products contain hazardous chemicals that can leach to the surroundings. In studies conducted at the University of Gothenburg, a third of the tested plastic products released toxic substances, including 5 out of 13 products intended for children.  View News Article (2011-05-17)

EUREKA project destroys BSE-infected waste using plasma technology
The European Union's response to recent public health crises such as the BSE outbreak has prompted a EUREKA project to develop a more effective, safer and environmentally friendly method for destroying potentially infected animal wastes. New EU directives to eradicate BSE have generated such a huge volume of specific risk material (SRM) waste from slaughterhouses that many member countries are... View News Article (2004-03-16)

MIT creates new oil-repelling material
MIT engineers have designed the first simple process for manufacturing materials that strongly repel oils. The material, which can be applied as a flexible surface coating, could have applications in aviation, space travel and hazardous waste cleanup. View News Article (2007-12-07)

U of A chemistry team produces a 'game-changing' catalyst
University of Alberta chemistry researchers have discovered an active catalyst that has the potential to improve the efficiency and environmental impact of manufacturing processes used to make products such as agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.  View News Article (2011-09-28)

Sort By: Most Viewed Hazardous Waste Current Events | Recent Hazardous Waste Current Events
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