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Life under extreme contidions, microbiology of the hydrothermal vents
Microorganisms are found everywhere, even under the most extreme environmental conditions. These include extremely high temperature environments in which growth of certain Archaea - the most primitive forms of life - is possible at temperatures up to 110oC or higher, and hypersaline environments saturated with salt. The deep-sea hydrothermal vents present a fascinating environment for the study... View News Article (2003-05-29)

Life discovered on dead hydrothermal vents
Scientists at USC have uncovered evidence that even when hydrothermal sea vents go dormant and their blistering warmth turns to frigid cold, life goes on.  View News Article (2012-01-25)

British oceanographers find 'smoking' submarine volcano in the Indian Ocean
At over three thousand metres down in the north-west Indian Ocean, the Carlsberg Ridge is "probably the best ridge in the world". So say excited scientists from Southampton Oceanography Centre who have just found the first evidence of hydrothermal activity in this previously unexplored area of a volcanic mid-ocean ridge. The team aboard the research ship RRS Charles Darwin made the... View News Article (2003-07-29)

Shimmering water reveals cold volcanic vent in Antarctic waters
The location of an underwater volcanic vent, marked by a low-lying plume of shimmering water, has been revealed by scientists at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.  View News Article (2013-02-07)

Scientists research deep-sea hydrothermal vents, find carbon-removing properties
University of Georgia Skidaway Institute of Oceanography scientist Aron Stubbins joined a team of researchers to determine how hydrothermal vents influence ocean carbon storage. The results of their study were recently published in the journal Nature Geoscience.  View News Article (2015-11-03)

'Lost world' discovered around Antarctic vents
Communities of species previously unknown to science have been discovered on the seafloor near Antarctica, clustered in the hot, dark environment surrounding hydrothermal vents. View News Article (2012-01-04)

U of Minnesota-led study reveals mysteries of deep-sea nutrients
Iron dust, the rare but necessary nutrient for most life, can not only be washed into the ocean from rivers or blown out to sea, but it can bubble up from the depths of the ocean floor, a new study led by a University of Minnesota scientist shows. View News Article (2009-02-09)

Scientists break record by finding northernmost hydrothermal vent field
Well inside the Arctic Circle, scientists have found black smoker vents farther north than anyone has ever seen before. The cluster of five vents - one towering nearly four stories in height - are venting water as hot as 570 F. View News Article (2008-07-25)

At an underwater volcano, evidence of man's environmental impact
Scientists studying hydrothermal vents, those underwater geysers that are home to bizarre geological structures and unique marine species, have discovered something all too familiar: pollution. View News Article (2006-08-02)

Chemistry of seabed's hot vents could explain emergence of life
Hot vents on the seabed could have spontaneously produced the organic molecules necessary for life, according to new research by UCL chemists. View News Article (2015-04-27)

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