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Cycad pest uses small size to hide from predators
"The small size of an alien insect that feeds on a native tree from the western Pacific island of Guam allows it to hide in cracks and other locations that are out of reach for its only local natural enemy," said UOG entomologist Aubrey Moore. View News Article (2010-06-21)

Rare insect fossil reveals 100 million years of evolutionary stasis
Researchers have discovered the 100 million-year-old ancestor of a group of large, carnivorous, cricket-like insects that still live today in southern Asia, northern Indochina and Africa.  View News Article (2011-02-04)

Exceptionally well preserved insect fossils from the Rhône Valley
In Bavaria, the Tithonian Konservat-Lagerstätte of lithographic limestone is well known as a result of numerous discoveries of emblematic fossils from that area (for example, Archaeopteryx). View News Article (2014-09-02)

Of dragonflies and dinosaurs: Rutgers researcher helps map insect origins, evolution
When the dinosaurs ruled the earth, they were already bugged by creatures who had gotten there many millions of years earlier: Dragonflies and damselflies. View News Article (2014-11-07)

Tinkerbella nana -- a new representative from the world of fairyflies
Mymaridae, commonly known as fairyflies, are one of about 18 families of chalcid wasps. Fairyflies occur worldwide, except in Antarctica. View News Article (2013-04-24)

Identification of carbon dioxide receptors in insects may help fight infectious disease
Mosquitoes don't mind morning breath. They use the carbon dioxide people exhale as a way to identify a potential food source. But when they bite, they can pass on a number of dangerous infectious diseases, such as malaria, yellow fever, and West Nile encephalitis. View News Article (2006-12-14)

Insect-inspired super rubber moves toward practical uses in medicine
The remarkable, rubber-like protein that enables dragonflies, grasshoppers and other insects to flap their wings, jump and chirp has major potential uses in medicine, scientists conclude in an article in the journal ACS Macro Letters. View News Article (2013-08-01)

Solar panels can attract breeding water insects
Solar power might be nature's most plentiful and benign source of energy, but shiny black solar cells can lure water insects away from critical breeding areas, a Michigan State University scientist and colleagues warn. View News Article (2010-05-28)

Chagas disease may be a threat in South Texas, says researcher
Chagas disease, a tropical parasitic disease that can lead to life-threatening heart and digestive disorders, may be more widespread in Texas than previously thought, according to research from The University of Texas at Austin. View News Article (2011-10-07)

Natural born repellents
Are you a mosquito magnet? If you are, it's not your sweet smelling blood that attracts them, scientists say - you simply lack a chemical that some humans produce that masks your attractiveness to bugs, tricking them into thinking that you are not a suitable host. "For the first time, we can identify exactly which chemicals the insects respond to", says James Logan, who will be... View News Article (2004-03-26)

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