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Tiny insect brains capable of huge feats
Insects may have tiny brains the size of a pinhead, but the latest research from the University of Adelaide shows just how clever they really are. View News Article (2010-06-14)

Billions of insects join the “mile high club”
Entomologists have discovered that there are far more insects flying around above our heads than previously thought. Speaking at the Royal Entomological Society’s national meeting Entomology 2002, which will take place at Cardiff University on 12–13 September 2002, Dr Jason Chapman will say that in a typical summer month, around 3.5 billion insects fly over a square kilometre. This... View News Article (2002-09-04)

New genetic analysis forces re-draw of insect family tree
The family tree covering almost half the animal species on the planet has been re-drawn following a genetic analysis which has revealed new relationships between four major groups of insects. View News Article (2006-10-27)

New insect on Balearic Islands
After 10 years of biochemical and molecular analysis of the Tyrrhenoleuctra plecoptera that live in the Western Mediterranean, Spanish and Italian scientists have now demonstrated that one of the insect populations of this group is a distinct and, therefore, new species. View News Article (2009-07-16)

Pesky fruit flies learn from experienced females: Study
A common household nuisance, the fruit fly, is capable of intricate social learning much like that used by humans, according to new research from McMaster University. View News Article (2009-09-17)

Single class of queen pheromones stops worker reproduction in ants, bees and wasps
A new study by a team of KU Leuven and international researchers has found that the chemical structure of queen pheromones in wasps, ants and some bees is strikingly similar, even though these insects are separated by millions of years of evolution and each evolved eusociality independently of the other. View News Article (2014-01-17)

The ant queen's chemical crown
The defining feature of social insects is that societies contain queens, which specialise in laying eggs, as well as workers, which are mostly infertile but take care of the offspring and the nest. View News Article (2010-07-01)

Global warming may reroute evolution
Rising carbon dioxide levels associated with global warming may affect interactions between plants and the insects that eat them, altering the course of plant evolution, research at the University of Michigan suggests. View News Article (2011-02-17)

ARS, industry cooperation yields device to detect insects in stored wheat
A laboratory milling device for improving stored grain management has been developed by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists and an industry cooperator.  View News Article (2010-06-25)

New Recreational Travel Model to Help States Stop Firewood Assisted Insect Travel
The spread of damaging invasive forest pests is only partially powered by the insects' own wings. People moving firewood for camping can hasten and widen the insects' spread and resulting forest destruction. View News Article (2014-07-10)

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