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Size matters: Preventing large mammal extinction
Saving large mammals such as elephants and rhino from extinction could be made more effective by focusing efforts on individual species as well as their habitats. View News Article (2005-07-25)

Oxygen increase caused mammals to triumph, researchers say
The first, high resolution continuous record of oxygen concentration in the earth's atmosphere shows that a sharp rise in oxygen about 50 million years ago gave mammals the evolutionary boost they needed to dominate the planet. View News Article (2005-09-30)

Mangrove-dependent animals globally threatened
More than 40 percent of a sample of amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and birds that are restricted to mangrove ecosystems are globally threatened with extinction, according to an assessment published in the July/August issue of BioScience.  View News Article (2009-07-01)

No more squashed hedgehogs?
Wildlife road deaths are preventable according to the results of a survey carried out by The Mammal Society that are released today. Chairman of The Mammal Society, Professor Stephen Harris said "The Mammal Society's National Road Death Survey provides us with the information we need to reduce mammal deaths on roads. It shows that the number of mammal deaths on roads is directly related to... View News Article (2002-05-29)

More evidence mammals, fruit flies share make-up on function of biological clocks
A study by researchers at New York University and the University of London offers additional evidence that mammals and fruit flies share a common genetic makeup that determines the function of their internal biological clocks. The study appears in the latest issue of Current Biology. View News Article (2006-03-07)

When animals evolve on islands, size doesn't matter
A theory explaining the evolution of giant rodents, miniature elephants, and even miniature humans on islands has been called into questions by new research published today in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. View News Article (2007-11-07)

Female mammals follow their noses to the right mates
Female birds often choose their mates based on fancy feathers. Female mammals, on the other hand, may be more likely to follow their noses to the right mate. View News Article (2009-03-18)

Mammals that hibernate or burrow less likely to go extinct
The best way to survive the ill-effects of climate change and pollution may be to simply sleep through it.  View News Article (2009-01-29)

New Explanation for a Puzzling Biological Divide Along the Malay Peninsula
Ecologists at the University of California, San Diego, offer a new explanation for an apparently abrupt switch in the kinds in of mammals found along the Malay Peninsula in southeast Asia - from mainland species to island species - in the absence of any geographical barrier. View News Article (2009-03-06)

Evolution of genomic imprinting
How we come to express the genes of one parent over the other is now better understood through studying the platypus and marsupial wallaby - and it doesn't seem to have originated in association with sex chromosomes. View News Article (2007-09-07)

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