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Magnets in a spin bath
Is quantum mechanics relevant to everyday life? Latest scientific evidence suggests that it is. A paper published in Science based on research from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Switzerland and others, reports how quantum computers behave as if they are isolated devices. The extent to which they do this can be regulated by the environment they are in. So future quantum computers will have... View News Article (2005-04-15)

Physicists at UC Santa Barbara make discovery in quantum mechanics
Physicists at UC Santa Barbara have made an important advance in quantum mechanics using a superconducting electrical circuit. The finding is reported in this week's issue of the journal Nature. View News Article (2009-09-24)

Quantum paradox directly observed -- a milestone in quantum mechanics
In quantum mechanics, a vanguard of physics where science often merges into philosophy, much of our understanding is based on conjecture and probabilities, but a group of researchers in Japan has moved one of the fundamental paradoxes in quantum mechanics into the lab for experimentation and observed some of the 'spooky action of quantum mechanics' directly. View News Article (2009-03-04)

Rutgers researchers 'rewrite the book' in quantum statistical physics
An important part of the decades-old assumption thought to be essential for quantum statistical physics is being challenged by researchers at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, and colleagues in Germany and Italy. View News Article (2006-02-10)

Breaking the limits of classical physics
With simple arguments, researchers show that nature is complicated! Researchers from the Niels Bohr Institute have made a simple experiment that demonstrates that nature violates common sense - the world is different than most people believe. View News Article (2012-06-08)

Scientists find quantum mechanics at work in photosynthesis
A team of University of Toronto chemists have made a major contribution to the emerging field of quantum biology, observing quantum mechanics at work in photosynthesis in marine algae. View News Article (2010-02-04)

Shining a light on quantum dots measurement
Due to their nanoscale dimensions and sensitivity to light, quantum dots are being used for a number of bioimaging applications including in vivo imaging of tumor cells, detection of biomolecules, and measurement of pH changes. View News Article (2015-01-16)

Reconcilable differences: Study uncovers the common ground of scientific opposites
Searching for common elements in seemingly incompatible scientific theories may lead to the discovery of new ones that revolutionize our understanding of the world. View News Article (2013-01-31)

Experiments at UCSB push quantum mechanics to higher levels
Scientists at UC Santa Barbara have devised a new type of superconducting circuit that behaves quantum mechanically -- but has up to five levels of energy instead of the usual two. The findings are published in the August 7 issue of Science. View News Article (2009-08-12)

Curtains down for the black hole firewall paradox
Research by scientists at the University of York has revealed new insights into the life and death of black holes.  View News Article (2013-03-07)

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