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Fighting sound with sound, new modeling technique could quiet aircraft
Newly published research by a Princeton engineer suggests that understanding how air travels across the sunroof of a car may one day make jet engines less noisy. View News Article (2006-02-27)

MIT researcher sees big impact of little cracks
An MIT researcher's atom-by-atom simulation of cracks forming and spreading may help explain how materials fail in nanoscale devices, airplanes and even in the Earth itself during a quake. View News Article (2006-01-19)

Quantum Evolution - The New Science of Life
A clue to understanding life is the realisation that its dynamics are different than those that rule the non-living. For inanimate objects, the dynamics we see are the product of the disordered motion of billions of particles; they are a kind of average dynamics. At the macroscopic level we see patterns and order, but at the molecular level there is only chaos. But life is different. Inside... View News Article (2000-01-31)

Researchers say distant quasars could close a loophole in quantum mechanics
In a paper published this week in the journal Physical Review Letters, MIT researchers propose an experiment that may close the last major loophole of Bell's inequality - a 50-year-old theorem that, if violated by experiments, would mean that our universe is based not on the textbook laws of classical physics, but on the less-tangible probabilities of quantum mechanics.  View News Article (2014-02-21)

Chemistry & Industry - 3 June Issue
NEWS Hydrogen is the fuel of the future says Johnson Matthey's CEO (page 4) Christopher Clark, chief executive of Johnson Matthey, warned that the world needs to change from carbon to hydrogen as its major energy source in the next decades, as the effects of global warming become more apparent. Regenerating human fingers (page 6) Japanese researchers have successfully manipulated the size and... View News Article (2002-05-30)

Dream of quantum computing closer to reality as mathematicians chase key breakthrough
The ability to exploit the extraordinary properties of quantum mechanics in novel applications, such as a new generation of super-fast computers, has come closer following recent progress with some of the remaining underlying mathematical problems. View News Article (2008-12-22)

Bubbles are the new lenses for nanoscale light beams
Bending light beams to your whim sounds like a job for a wizard or an a complex array of bulky mirrors, lenses and prisms, but a few tiny liquid bubbles may be all that is necessary to open the doors for next-generation, high-speed circuits and displays, according to Penn State researchers. View News Article (2013-08-09)

Quantum manipulation: Filling the gap between quantum and classical world
Quantum superposition is a fundamental and also intriguing property of the quantum world. Because of superposition, a quantum system can be in two different states simultaneously, like a cat that can be both "dead" and "alive" at the same time. View News Article (2014-04-15)

Space technology for McLaren at the British Grand Prix
At the British Grand Prix next weekend, the McLaren team will have a special boost from space technology: their mechanics` suits will feature a cooling system, specially developed from the astronauts` suits by the Technology Transfer Programme of the European Space Agency. The McLaren mechanics` suits are the unique product of a team grouping together the ESA Technology Transfer Programme... View News Article (2002-07-05)

Breakthrough in geomechanics research recognised by Royal Society
A research breakthrough by a University of Nottingham professor that will have important implications for engineering design involving rolling and sliding contact such as road railway foundations has been unveiled in a prestigious journal. View News Article (2005-05-24)

Sort By: Most Viewed Mechanics Current Events | Recent Mechanics Current Events
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