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Drug users unaware of memory problems
Ecstasy and cannabis do impair memory - but regular users don't think so. View News Article (1999-03-26)

Selective amnesia — How a traumatic memory can be wiped out
French CNRS scientists in collaboration have shown that a memory of a traumatic event can be wiped out, although other, associated recollections remain intact. View News Article (2007-04-02)

New Brandeis research sheds light on memory by erasing it
For years, scientists have studied the molecular basis of memory storage, trying to find the molecules that store memory, just as DNA stores genetic memory. View News Article (2007-05-09)

Think you have Alzheimer's? You just might be right, study says
New research by scientists at the University of Kentucky's Sanders-Brown Center on Aging suggests that people who notice their memory is slipping may be on to something. View News Article (2014-09-25)

People learn while they sleep, study suggests
People may be learning while they're sleeping - an unconscious form of memory that is still not well understood, according to a study by Michigan State University researchers. View News Article (2011-09-28)

Forgetting the future? Prospective memory impairments in ecstasy users
New research presented today, Wednesday 28 March, at The British Psychological Society’s Centenary Annual Conference, held at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, Glasgow, now shows that ecstasy use can lead to impairments in ‘prospective memory’. This is the part of memory to do with remembering things ones has to do in the future. Dr Tom Heffernan and Dr Andrew... View News Article (2001-03-26)

Greater Working Memory Capacity Benefits Analytic, But Not Creative, Problem-Solving
Anyone who has tried to remember a ten-digit phone number or a nine-item grocery list knows that we can only hold so much information in mind at a given time. View News Article (2012-08-08)

Epilepsy Study Shows Memory Loss After Brain Surgery
Epilepsia, the official publication of the International League Against Epilepsy, recently published a one-year follow-up study that finds some post-surgical epilepsy patients have a significant decline in verbal memory. This type of memory loss is associated with learning, recall and recognition. View News Article (2004-10-12)

If You Think You Have Alzheimer's, You Might be Right, Study Suggests
A recent study suggests that self-reported memory complaints might predict clinical memory impairment later in life. View News Article (2014-02-24)

Why all-nighters don't work: How sleep and memory go hand-in-hand
Want to ace that test tomorrow? Here's a tip: Put down the coffee and hit the sack. View News Article (2015-01-26)

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