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New 'alien' invaders found in the Milky Way: Queen's University astronomer
As many as one quarter of the star clusters in our Milky Way - many more than previously thought - are invaders from other galaxies, according to a new study. View News Article (2010-03-01)

Notre Dame astrophysicists identify missing fuel for galactic star formation
The Milky Way will have the fuel to continue forming stars, thanks to massive clouds of ionized gas raining down from its halo and intergalactic space. View News Article (2011-08-26)

Oldest stars found near Milky Way center
Astronomers have discovered the oldest known stars, dating from before the Milky Way Galaxy formed, when the Universe was just 300 million years old.  View News Article (2015-11-12)

Measuring the Milky Way: 1 massive problem, 1 new solution
It is a galactic challenge, to be sure, but Gwendolyn Eadie is getting closer to an accurate answer to a question that has defined her early career in astrophysics: what is the mass of the Milky Way? View News Article (2016-06-01)

Milky Way Sidelined in Galactic Tug of War
The Magellanic Stream is an arc of hydrogen gas spanning more than 100 degrees of the sky as it trails behind the Milky Way's neighbor galaxies, the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. View News Article (2010-09-30)

Scientists reveal Milky Way's magnetic attraction
An international research project involving the University of Adelaide has revealed that the magnetic field in the centre of the Milky Way is at least 10 times stronger than the rest of the Galaxy. View News Article (2010-01-07)

Milky Way struck 100 million years ago, still rings like a bell
An international team of astronomers have discovered evidence that our Milky Way had an encounter with a small galaxy or massive dark matter structure perhaps as recently as 100 million years ago, and as a result of that encounter it is still ringing like a bell. View News Article (2012-06-29)

Iowa State astrophysicist helps map the Milky Way's four spiral arms
Iowa State University's Martin Pohl is part of a research team that has developed the first complete map of the Milky Way galaxy's spiral arms. View News Article (2009-01-05)

Cosmic dance helps galaxies lose weight
A study published this week in the journal Nature offers an explanation for the origin of dwarf spheroidal galaxies. The research may settle an outstanding puzzle in understanding galaxy formation. View News Article (2009-07-30)

A Very Massive Stellar Black Hole in the Milky Way Galaxy
VLT ISAAC Uncovers an Enigmatic Microquasar View News Article (2001-11-27)

Sort By: Most Viewed Milky Way Current Events | Recent Milky Way Current Events
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