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Mercury contamination in rivers of the Amazon Basin is increasingly a cause for concern. The region's soils, naturally containing abundant heavy metals, are one source of this mercury. Gold mining, which is an increasing activity in the Amazon region since gold fever took hold in the 1970s, is the additional major source. Many studies have been conducted on this problem in Brazil and French... View News Article (1999-09-13)

Increased risk of depression linked to mountaintop coal mining
People who live among the destructive environmental effects of mountaintop coal mining face an increased risk of major depression. View News Article (2013-10-11)

Ministers Work Toward Viable Mining Communities
Federal, provincial and territorial mines ministers from across the country gathered today for the 62nd Annual Mines Ministers' Conference in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. View News Article (2005-09-21)

Silica dust in small-scale gold mining linked to silicosis and TB epidemic
Silica dust hazards in large gold mines have been well documented, but the situation is far worse in small-scale gold mining according to a new study. View News Article (2015-04-30)

After millennia of mining, copper nowhere near 'peak'
New research shows that existing copper resources can sustain increasing world-wide demand for at least a century, meaning social and environmental concerns could be the most important restrictions on future copper production. View News Article (2013-07-03)

Data miners dig for corrosion resistance
A better understanding of corrosion resistance may be possible using a data-mining tool, according to Penn State material scientists. This tool may also aid research in other areas where massive amounts of information exist.  View News Article (2011-04-22)

System model for calculating mine profitability
A new system dynamic model makes it possible to plan the profitability of mining operations with greater precision than before.  View News Article (2015-05-06)

Predicting infectious influenza
A new computer model could help scientists predict when a particular strain of avian influenza might become infectious from bird to human, according to a report to be published in the International Journal Data Mining and Bioinformatics. View News Article (2013-05-21)

The first evidence of pre-industrial mercury pollution in the Andes
The study of ancient lake sediment from high altitude lakes in the Andes has revealed for the first time that mercury pollution occurred long before the start of the Industrial Revolution. View News Article (2009-05-19)

Mountaintop Mining Pollution Has Distinct Isotopic Fingerprint
Three elements commonly found at elevated levels in an Appalachian river polluted by runoff from mountaintop coal mining have distinctive chemistries that can be traced back to their source, according to a Duke University-led study.  View News Article (2013-08-16)

Sort By: Most Viewed Mining Current Events | Recent Mining Current Events
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