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New technique for detecting mold contamination in homes and other buildings
With mold contamination of homes an ongoing concern - and a special threat to the 2.5 million foreclosed houses in the U.S., shuttered with little ventilation - scientists are reporting a new method to detect and identify low levels of airborne mold.  View News Article (2012-06-07)

Bleach Found to Neutralize Mold Allergens
Researchers at National Jewish Medical and Research Center have demonstrated that dilute bleach not only kills common household mold, but may also neutralize the mold allergens that cause most mold-related health complaints. View News Article (2005-09-26)

Airborne mold spores increase kids' risk for multiple allergies
University of Cincinnati (UC) researchers say exposure to a certain group of fungal spores—abundant in the air that we breathe every day—can make young children more susceptible to developing multiple allergies later in life. View News Article (2006-06-14)

Mold linked to asthma
A Cardiff University study has found that removing indoor mold improves the symptoms of people with asthma. View News Article (2007-09-06)

Forecasting asthma-causing fungal spores from climate
The latest research into a weather phenomenon that affects UK wheat quality could have a knock-on effect in the fight against asthma. Researchers at Harper Adams University College working with MAARA, the Midlands Asthma and Allergy Research Association, and the University of Reading, believe fluctuations in air pressure, known as the North Atlantic Oscillation or NAO, may contribute to the... View News Article (2003-11-17)

A Dicty mystery solved
The title sounds like a crime novel on a dime-store shelf. But "An Invitation to Die" is quite literal in its meaning. And the prime suspect is very, very small.  View News Article (2010-05-28)

Hissing cockroaches are popular, but they also host potent mold allergens
Their gentle nature, large size, odd sounds and low-maintenance care have made Madagascar hissing cockroaches popular educational tools and pets for years. But the giant insects also have one unfortunate characteristic: Their hard bodies and feces are home to many mold species that could be triggering allergies in the kids and adults who handle the bugs, according to a new study. View News Article (2008-03-18)

Allergy expert has advice for flood victims
As if the emotional and financial impact of flood damage isn't bad enough, floodwaters can also bring health problems. H. James Wedner, M.D., professor of medicine and chief of the Division of Allergy and Immunology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, says after the water recedes, damp homes and businesses are fertile grounds for mold growth, which can cause allergic... View News Article (2008-06-20)

Newly described contaminant sources in Katrina-flooded homes pose health risks
Post-Katrina flooded homes may contain harmful levels of contaminants in addition to sediment deposits. Indoor gases, mold films, and aerosols may also have exposed residents, first responders, and demolition crews to dangerous contaminant levels without the need for direct skin contact. View News Article (2009-02-03)

'Soyscreen': Sunscreen for fungus to expand biological control of crop pests
Scientists today described development and successful initial tests on a substance that acts as a sunscreen for the microscopic spores of a fungus, brightening prospects for wider use of the fungus as a means of wiping out insect pests that attack food crops. View News Article (2010-09-09)

Sort By: Most Viewed Mold Spores Current Events | Recent Mold Spores Current Events
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