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Neuroscience Research Programme to be a joint Finnish, Chinese and Canadian effort
The Academy of Finland has agreed to the joint organisation of the Neuroscience Research Programme (NEURO) in co-operation with a Chinese and Canadian research funding organisation. On 14 March, the Academy of Finland, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and Institute of Neuroscience, Mental Health and Addiction (INMHA/Canadian Institutes of Health Research) signed an agreement to... View News Article (2005-03-16)

Opinion Article Published in The Prestigious Nature Reviews Neuroscience
The online issue of Nature Reviews Neuroscience, November 19, 2014 features an opinion article authored by Lucina Q. Uddin, assistant professor of Psychology in the University of Miami College of Arts and Sciences. View News Article (2014-12-08)

Take this, it could improve your memory
Taking herbs and other substances to improve thinking, memory and mood is a centuries old practice, and is the subject of a number of poster presentations at The British Psychological Society’s Annual Conference, at the Hilton Hotel, Blackpool. The researchers, based at the Human Cognitive Neuroscience Unit, University of Northumbria, AstraZeneca UK Clinical Research Group, Edinburgh, and... View News Article (2002-02-27)

Patterns of brain activity reorganize visual perception during eye movements
Scientists measuring brain activity have found that in many regions, such as the sensory or motor cortex, activity sometimes oscillates at different frequencies, forming wave-like patterns.  View News Article (2015-05-26)

Myth-conceptions: How myths about the brain are hampering teaching
Teachers in the UK, Holland, Turkey, Greece and China were presented with seven so-called 'neuromyths' and asked whether they believe them to be true. View News Article (2014-10-17)

Stanford's Hank Greely puts neuroscience on trial
A lawyer is trying to convince a jury that his client really is crazy. It's usually a tough argument to sell in a court of law. But what if the lawyer has a picture of his client's brain that shows there's something biologically wrong with it? Can that evidence help persuade a jury? Should it even be allowed as evidence? View News Article (2010-02-22)

Researcher to present discoveries on medical uses of ultrasound to London's Royal Society
Jamie Tyler, assistant professor in the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute and the Virginia Tech-Wake Forest University School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences, has been invited to speak at a Royal Society of London high level workshop on May 11-12 on the security implications of advances in neuroscience.  View News Article (2011-04-20)

Media Invitation: British Neuroscience Association National Meeting
The British Neuroscience Association (BNA) is about to host its 17th National Meeting in Harrogate (13-16 April) and is attracting more delegates than ever before. With seven plenary lectures, 20 symposia and over 40 poster sessions, this will be quite a neuroscience festival for the UK. It will be supported by a full scale exhibition and numerous peripheral events, including a workshop on the... View News Article (2003-04-03)

Addiction as a disorder of decision-making
New research shows that craving drugs such as nicotine can be visualized in specific regions of the brain that are implicated in determining the value of actions, in planning actions and in motivation. View News Article (2013-05-22)

Reliability of neuroscience research questioned
New research has questioned the reliability of neuroscience studies, saying that conclusions could be misleading due to small sample sizes.  View News Article (2013-04-10)

Sort By: Most Viewed Neuroscience Current Events | Recent Neuroscience Current Events
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