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VTT and the French Atomic Energy Commission CEA sign a cooperation agreement on nuclear energy research
VTT`s Director General, Erkki KM Lepp'¤vuori and the French CEA`s Director, Pascal Colombani signed an agreement on research cooperation in Paris . The agreement covers technology and research cooperations in the fields of spent nuclear fuels and nuclear waste management, nuclear research, training in nuclear technology, information exchange in the field of nuclear energy, and nuclear safety.... View News Article (2002-11-14)

Is nuclear power fair for future generations?
The recent nuclear accident in Fukushima Daiichi in Japan has brought the nuclear debate to the forefront of controversy. View News Article (2011-05-06)

Kyoto climate commitments - a challenge for UK energy policy, say Academies
The report examines options for generating electricity without emission of CO2. These include using renewable sources (such as wind and solar) and negating CO2 emissions by use of 'carbon sequestration', as well as maintaining a nuclear energy capability. View News Article (1999-06-14)

Nuclear cannibals
Nuclear energy production must increase by more than 10 percent each year from 2010 to 2050 to meet all future energy demands and replace fossil fuels, but this is an unsustainable prospect. View News Article (2008-03-05)

Rebalancing the nuclear debate through education
Better physics teaching with a particular emphasis on radioactivity and radiation science could improve public awareness through education of the environmental benefits and relative safety of nuclear power generation, according to leading Brazilian scientist Heldio Villar. View News Article (2011-09-12)

Opening the doors to Iran's nuclear program
Opening Iran's national uranium enrichment plant to multinational involvement could limit the long-term risks of Iran's nuclear program as restrictions on it expire, according to this Policy Forum. In July, Iran is expected to sign an agreement restricting its nuclear program, but also affirming its right to pursue uranium enrichment as those restrictions end in 2025 and beyond.  View News Article (2015-06-19)

Low-carbon hybrid energy systems -- China's future energy solutions
A low-carbon solution to high-carbon energy resources such as coal is proposed by their high efficient integration with either nuclear or renewable energy, which may figure out the strategic solution to China's future energy development. View News Article (2013-02-11)

Reactor of the future destroys nuclear waste--KTH to head major EU project to cut storage times dramatically
A power plant that generates energy from used nuclear waste and destroys it as well. Could this become a reality? A three-year research project involving 23 European partners coordinated by KTH is being launched to investigate the matter. In the last few years great strides have been taken in research into so-called transmutation (see footnote) of nuclear waste. Therefore, the EU is now... View News Article (2004-03-18)

Sustainable nuclear energy moves a step closer
In future a new generation of nuclear reactors will create energy, while producing virtually no long-lasting nuclear waste, according to research conducted by Wilfred van Rooijen, who will receive his Delft University of Technology PhD degree based on this research subject on Tuesday, 12 December. View News Article (2006-12-12)

Tried and true recipes
Nuclear reactor technology research dwindled away when nuclear power fell out of favor several decades ago. Renewed interest in fission-based energy means knowledge gained in past research is relevant again.  View News Article (2011-03-07)

Sort By: Most Viewed Nuclear Energy Current Events | Recent Nuclear Energy Current Events
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