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Researcher creates weight guidelines for women pregnant with twins
Healthy, normal-weight women pregnant with twins should gain between 37 and 54 pounds, according to research from a Michigan State University professor who helped shape the recently released national guidelines on gestational weight gain. View News Article (2009-07-22)

Researchers find ethnicity key to accurate obesity measurements
The current National Institutes of Health body mass index cutoff values for obesity are too high for many reproductive-age women in the U.S. and should be adjusted to account for ethnic differences in body composition to produce proper diagnosis of obesity, according to new research from the University of Texas Medical Branch. View News Article (2010-04-22)

New screening test proves earlier, more accurate predictor for Down syndrome
A new study from Columbia University Medical Center researchers at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia of more than 38,000 pregnant women at 15 U.S. centers demonstrates the high accuracy of non-invasive screening for Down syndrome. View News Article (2005-11-10)

New study finds amniocentesis safer for pregnant women
Amniocentesis is the most commonly prescribed invasive test performed during pregnancies in the United States. View News Article (2006-11-01)

New theory on cause of endometriosis
Changes to two previously unstudied genes are the centerpiece of a new theory regarding the cause and development of endometriosis, a chronic and painful disease affecting 1 in 10 women. View News Article (2014-03-10)

Freezing sperm taken directly from testicles is effective option for infertile couples
Frozen sperm taken by biopsy from testicles in men with no sperm in their semen is as effective as fresh sperm taken by biopsy in helping couples conceive through in vitro fertilization (IVF), according to a study at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. View News Article (2013-08-07)

Risk of common vaginal infection linked to preterm birth appears higher for blacks
Risk of a common vaginal infection linked to preterm birth appears to escalate when even one partner is African-American, according to a University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine study presented today at the 34th annual meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society for Obstetrics and Gynecology in Boston. View News Article (2007-08-13)

Extra copies of EGFR gene signal poor prognosis for vulvar cancer
A genetic fingerprint identified in patients with a gynecologic cancer may reveal candidates for targeted therapy. View News Article (2008-10-01)

Patience during stalled labor can avoid many c-sections, UCSF study shows
Pregnant women whose labor stalls while in the active phase of childbirth can reduce health risks to themselves and their infants by waiting out the delivery process for an extra two hours, according to a new study by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco. View News Article (2008-11-03)

Fetal electrocardiogram helps in early detection of neonatal acidosis
Researchers at the University of Granada have proved that this method helps to reduce caesarean rate in women in labour with cardiotocographic recordings (CTG) compatible with the risk of loss of fetal wellbeing, and presents more advantages than pulse oximetry. View News Article (2011-06-17)

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