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Link found between muscle damage during childbirth, condition causing fallen bladder, uterus
An increase among women electing to have caesarean sections in recent years has been due in large part to a concern that giving birth vaginally will lead to a fallen bladder and uterus in later life, and the issue has been hotly debated in the medical community. View News Article (2007-01-31)

Cervical pessary doesn't reduce rate of preterm birth or neonatal complications in twin gestatations
Having twins accounts for only 1.5% of all births but 25% of preterm births, the leading cause of infant mortality worldwide.  View News Article (2015-08-28)

Young women unfamiliar with safety, effectiveness of IUD
The IUD might be one of the best-kept birth control secrets for young women, according to researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center. View News Article (2006-12-18)

Women's race and class impact contraception recommendations, UCSF study shows
A woman's race/ethnicity and socioeconomic status impact whether health care providers recommend one of the most highly effective forms of contraception, a UCSF study confirms. View News Article (2010-10-11)

Researchers identify key substance that protects against pre-term birth
Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have identified hyaluronon (HA) as a critical substance made by the body that protects against premature births caused by infection. View News Article (2015-01-13)

Half of pregnant women who have hypertension and snore unknowingly have a sleep disorder
1 in 2 hypertensive pregnant women who habitually snore may have unrecognized obstructive sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder that can reduce blood oxygen levels during the night and that has been linked to serious health conditions, new University of Michigan-led research shows. View News Article (2014-06-03)

Why does a high-fat diet induce preeclampsia-like symptoms in pregnant rats?
Preeclampsia is a relatively common pregnancy disorder, characterized by primary hypertension and proteinuria. In patients with severe preeclampsia, eclampsia can develop, causing nervous system symptoms and signs. View News Article (2013-08-08)

Stepped-up vaccine series for hepatitis B is effective during pregnancy
UT Southwestern Medical Center maternal-fetal specialists have confirmed a potential new protocol to protect pregnant women who are at risk for hepatitis B, a health problem that affects 2 billion people worldwide. View News Article (2011-06-28)

Stop eating for two: obese moms-to-be should gain less weight than currently recommended
Severely obese women should lose weight during pregnancy, while obese women who are pregnant should gain less weight than currently recommended, a Saint Louis University study finds. View News Article (2007-10-02)

Sparing ovaries and removing fallopian tubes may cut cancer risk, but few have procedure
During hysterectomies for non-cancerous conditions, removing both fallopian tubes while keeping the ovaries may help protect against ovarian cancer and preserve hormonal levels, but few women receive this surgical option, according to a new study by Yale School of Medicine researchers.  View News Article (2016-02-02)

Sort By: Most Viewed Obstetrics Current Events | Recent Obstetrics Current Events
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