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Family SUNday on Saturday
 View News Article (1999-05-17)

Improving UAVs Using Holographic Adaptive Optics
Air Force Office of Scientific Research-supported holographic, adaptive, optics research may help transform software into computer-free, electronics for unmanned aerial vehicles, high energy lasers and free-space optical communications that will enable each to run faster and more efficiently than before. View News Article (2010-05-04)

Smart Optics Faraday Partnership announces £1M funding opportunity for flagship projects.
Companies in the aerospace, healthcare, telecoms and optics industries are set to benefit under a £1M call for collaborative project proposals announced by the new Smart Optics Faraday Partnership ("SmartOptics"), sponsored by the DTI, PPARC and EPSRC. Applications for significant "flagship" projects are now sought. These will involve direct academic-industrial collaboration to... View News Article (2001-11-16)

Sight for sore eyes
An inventive breakthrough from the Applied Optics Group at the University of Kent at Canterbury (UKC) is set to revolutionise current methods of eye examinations. Professor David Jackson, Dr Adrian Podoleanu and Dr John Rogers, who gained his doctorate at Kent, have developed an instrument known as an Optical Dual Channel Tomograph. The instrument blends together two imaging technologies.... View News Article (2002-03-13)

Institute of Physics buys Optics.Org
The International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) and Institute of Physics today announce the full acquisition of the Joint Venture company Optics.Org Ltd by Institute of Physics Publishing (IoPP). Optics.Org has made great strides under the Joint Venture agreement between SPIE and IoPP signed in 1998, including the launch of the successful sister site, Fibers.Org, in 1999. Extensive... View News Article (2000-11-23)

Laser spectroscopy: A novel microscope for nanosystems
Scientists from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich and the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics can image the optical properties of individual nanoparticles with a novel microscope. View News Article (2015-06-29)

MU Researcher Investigates the Basis of Einstein's First Approximation in the Theory of Relativity
In his discussion of accelerated motion on page 60 of The Meaning of Relativity, Albert Einstein made an approximation that allowed him to develop the theory of relativity further.  View News Article (2009-07-16)

Device turns flat surface into spherical antenna
By depositing an array of tiny, metallic, U-shaped structures onto a dielectric material, a team of researchers in China has created a new artificial surface that can bend and focus electromagnetic waves the same way an antenna does. View News Article (2014-04-15)

Light at the speed of a bicycle and much more
The speed of light, 300 million metres per second, was long thought an immutable constant and has defined our understanding of matter and energy but recent research in the area of optics and photonics is proving that we can manipulate light to some ingenious and hugely lucrative ends. View News Article (2009-09-09)

Light bending material facilitates the search for new particles
Particle physicists have a hard time identifying all the elementary particles created in their particle accelerators. View News Article (2014-10-17)

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