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NIH scientists develop new tests to detect drug-resistant malaria
Researchers have developed two tests that can discern within three days whether the malaria parasites in a given patient will be resistant or susceptible to artemisinin, the key drug used to treat malaria.  View News Article (2013-09-11)

Malaria study suggests drugs should target female parasites
Fresh insight into the parasite that causes malaria suggests a new way to develop drugs and vaccines to tackle the disease. View News Article (2012-11-28)

What it takes to be the perfect invading parasite
Scientists from the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) are the first to document the characteristics of invading parasites, using malaria in New Zealand bird species. View News Article (2012-07-18)

Farmed fish with parasites: impact on wild fish stocks
'Fish farming is often proposed as a solution to diminishing stocks of wild fish. Sadly, many parasites are threatening the future of aquaculture' [by depleting fish stocks], write Jo Cable and Phil Harris, of Cardiff and Nottingham Universities, in the August issue of Biologist. A wide range of invertebrates can live on, or in fish before they reach the marketplace. The global redistribution of... View News Article (2003-08-01)

NIH-funded scientists identify potential target for malaria drugs
Researchers have identified the protein in malaria-causing Plasmodium parasites that is inhibited by a newly discovered class of anti-malarial compounds known as imidazopyrazines. View News Article (2013-12-02)

Researchers identify genetic marker of resistance to key malaria drug
An international team of researchers has discovered a way to identify, at a molecular level, malaria-causing Plasmodium falciparum parasites that are resistant to artemisinin, the key drug for treating this disease. View News Article (2013-12-19)

Urban sprawl promotes worm exchange across species
New research has shed light on the complex exchange of parasitic worms between wildlife, rats and humans. View News Article (2015-01-28)

Purifying parasites with light
Researchers have developed a clever method to purify parasitic organisms from their host cells, which will allow for more detailed proteomic studies and a deeper insight into the biology of organisms that cause millions of cases of disease each year. View News Article (2008-09-15)

Study of malaria parasites reveals new parasitic states
A team led by scientists at MIT and Harvard University and supported in part by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a component of the National Institutes of Health, collected blood samples from 43 P. falciparum-infected malaria patients in Senegal who were suffering from a range of malaria symptoms. View News Article (2007-11-29)

Queen's researchers reveal parasitic threat to animals and the environment
Researchers at Queen's University Belfast have discovered animal populations may often be under a much larger threat from parasites than previously recognised. View News Article (2010-05-26)

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