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More than 25 percent of women giving birth who test positive for marijuana also using other drugs
As an increasing number of states legalize marijuana for medical or recreational use, health officials expect consumption of tetrahydrocanabis (THC) during pregnancy to increase. A new study suggests a mother's use of marijuana while pregnant could indicate other drug use as well.  View News Article (2015-10-23)

New research shows fewer deaths related to RSV than previously thought
It's a virus that has long been characterized as dangerous and even deadly, but new research shows infant deaths from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are actually quite uncommon in the 21st century.  View News Article (2014-12-08)

Low-birth-weight children should have their blood pressure checked, researchers find
Blood pressure in low-birth-weight children younger than 3 years of age not only can be measured but should be, researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have found. View News Article (2008-09-05)

Newest screen for newborns will indicate heart problems
About 1 in every 120 babies are born with congenital heart disease (CHD), of which about 25 percent is critical, requiring special care early in life. View News Article (2011-08-22)

Definitive diabetes indicator deceptively high in African-American children
Researchers at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans and Children's Hospital of New Orleans have found that there is a major difference in the hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) response to blood glucose between African-American and Caucasian children with diabetes. View News Article (2010-05-05)

Asthmatic children still not breathing easier, study says
Only 20 percent of children with persistent asthma have a level of control that is optimal, according to a survey-based study published today in the journal of Ambulatory Pediatrics. View News Article (2007-03-15)

Early neglect predicts aggressive behavior in children
Children who are neglected before their second birthday display higher levels of aggressive behavior between ages 4 and 8, according to a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study, published today in the journal Pediatrics. View News Article (2008-04-07)

UT Houston Researchers Study Diet In Autistic Children
Researchers at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston have embarked on one of the first double-blind, clinical studies to determine whether gluten and dairy products play a role in autistic behavior as parents have anecdotally claimed. View News Article (2008-08-11)

Working parents resort to emergency or urgent care visits to get kids back into child care
Substantial proportions of parents chose urgent care or emergency department visits when their sick children were excluded from attending child care, according to a new study by University of Michigan researchers. View News Article (2014-06-24)

Preemies born in poverty 4 times less likely ready for school
Advances in neonatal care enable two-thirds of premature babies born with respiratory problems to be ready for school at an appropriate age, but those living in poverty are far less likely to be ready on time than their better-off peers. View News Article (2009-07-17)

Sort By: Most Viewed Pediatrics Current Events | Recent Pediatrics Current Events
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