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Flowers' fragrance diminished by air pollution, University of Virginia study indicates
Air pollution from power plants and automobiles is destroying the fragrance of flowers and thereby inhibiting the ability of pollinating insects to follow scent trails to their source, a new University of Virginia study indicates. View News Article (2008-04-11)

Stop marine pollution to protect kelp forests
University of Adelaide marine biologists have found that reducing nutrient pollution in coastal marine environments should help protect kelp forests from the damaging effects of rising CO2. View News Article (2013-07-17)

Sea salt worsens coastal air pollution: study
Air pollution in the world's busiest ports and shipping regions may be markedly worse than previously suspected, according to a new study showing that industrial and shipping pollution is exacerbated when it combines with sunshine and salty sea air. View News Article (2008-04-09)

Bacterial Persistence in Streams
A research team from the University of Tennessee (UT) has completed a study on an East Tennessee river to determine the connection between watershed hydrology and fecal bacteria statistical time series analysis. View News Article (2008-08-06)

Nitrogen pollution boosts plant growth in tropics by 20 percent
A study by UC Irvine ecologists finds that excess nitrogen in tropical forests boosts plant growth by an average of 20 percent, countering the belief that such forests would not respond to nitrogen pollution. View News Article (2008-02-07)

NASA Study Links "Smog" to Arctic Warming
NASA scientists have found that a major form of global air pollution involved in summertime "smog" has also played a significant role in warming the Arctic. View News Article (2006-03-15)

Fine particulate air pollution linked with increased autism risk
Women exposed to high levels of fine particulate matter specifically during pregnancy--particularly during the third trimester--may face up to twice the risk of having a child with autism than mothers living in areas with low particulate matter, according to a new study from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH). View News Article (2014-12-18)

Hot On The Heels Of Oil Pollution
Who spilled the oil? This is not an idle inquiry especially when the damage is enormous. To catch the culprits red-handed and prove their guilt is very difficult. That is why the identification of the sources which are responsible for oil pollution seems to be one of the major environmental problems all over the world. However, thanks to efforts of Russian scientists at St. Petersburg State... View News Article (2001-10-12)

Air pollution and genetics combine to increase risk for autism
Exposure to air pollution appears to increase the risk for autism among people who carry a genetic disposition for the neurodevelopmental disorder, according to newly published research led by scientists at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California (USC). View News Article (2013-12-02)

Air pollution link to clogged arteries
Should we be watching our exposure to airborne pollution as well as our cholesterol levels" Research now indicates that air pollution has a role to play in atherosclerosis (artery hardening), which can contribute to heart attacks or strokes. View News Article (2007-07-26)

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