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Air pollution linked to hardening of the arteries
Long-term exposure to air pollution may be linked to heart attacks and strokes by speeding up atherosclerosis, or "hardening of the arteries," according to a University of Michigan public health researcher and colleagues from across the U.S.  View News Article (2013-04-25)

U of A's David Schindler confirms untold levels of oil sands pollution on the Athabasca
After an exhaustive study of air and water pollution along the Athabasca River and its tributaries from Fort McMurray to Lake Athabasca, researchers say pollution levels have increased as a direct result of nearby oil sands operations. View News Article (2009-12-08)

Research in this week's issue of THE LANCET concludes that the public-health consequences of air pollution are considerable, with traffic-related air pollution remaining a key target for public-health action in Europe. Previous research over the past two decades has shown that air pollution contributes to death and illness, with some effects related to short-term exposure and some effects to... View News Article (2000-08-30)

Comparatively low levels of air pollution boost early death risk
Even comparatively low levels of air pollution boost the chances of an early death, suggests research published ahead of print in Thorax. View News Article (2007-07-31)

EARTH: Still in a haze: Black carbon
Black carbon - fine particles of soot in the atmosphere produced from the burning of fossil fuels or biomass - a major contributor to the thick hazes of pollution hovering over cities around the world, has been known to be a health hazard for decades. View News Article (2011-03-16)

Air Quality Expert Advises Urban Planners to Think `Fuzzy`
Housing and traffic should be kept separate by urban environmental planning claims Professor Bernard Fisher of the National Centre for Risk Assessment and Options Appraisals. In a recent lecture at the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI), Fisher stated that even an extra 10 meters distance could make a real difference to resident’s pollution exposure levels. View News Article (2001-12-07)

Air pollution damages plants
If you live in a large town or city, have you ever wondered why some plants do not grow well in your garden, despite your best efforts? It is, in part, because of air pollution. At a symposium on the biology of air pollution hosted by the Institute of Biology this week in London, delegates heard from experts about the effects of pollutants on plants and how they can adapt. View News Article (1999-10-27)

Measuring the consequence of forest fires on public health
Pollution from forest fires is impacting the health of people with asthma and other chronic obstructive lung diseases, finds a study in Biomed Central's open access journal Environmental Health. View News Article (2013-01-28)

Photos of tiny blood vessels in the eye link air pollution to heart disease
By digitally photographing the tiny, hair-like blood vessels in the back of our eyes, researchers can now look directly at how small blood vessels like those that bring blood to the heart respond to air pollution. View News Article (2010-12-01)

Pollution takes its toll on the heart
The fine particles of pollution that hang in the air can increase the risk for sudden cardiac arrest, according to a new study conducted by a team from Long Island Jewish (LIJ) Medical Center and The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research.  View News Article (2010-09-21)

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