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Recycling wind turbines
The development of wind power promises much in terms of providing us with renewable energy for the future and wind turbines could be the most effective way to harness that power. View News Article (2007-09-21)

New paper sheds light on bacterial cell wall recycling
A new paper by a team of researchers led by Shahriar Mobashery, Navari Family Professor of Life Sciences at the University of Notre Dame, provides important new insights into the process by which bacteria recycle their cell wall. View News Article (2008-09-09)

New understanding of basic units of memory
A molecular "recycling plant" permits nerve cells in the brain to carry out two seemingly contradictory functions - changeable enough to record new experiences, yet permanent enough to maintain these memories over time. View News Article (2007-09-20)

Chemistry & Industry Magazine - cover date 6 October 2003
NEWS View News Article (2003-10-01)

Recycling of electronic circuit boards
GAIKER, research center from the Basque Country is a participant in a project at a multinational level which is financed by the European Union Competitive and Sustainable Growth Project. The project is to develop innovative technology which will have two aspects or stages: firstly the separation and recovery of components capable of being reused and, subsequently, the recycling of materials used... View News Article (2003-01-21)

Sorting Through Recycling Bins to Learn about Alcohol Use
When researchers wanted to verify alcohol-use survey results at a senior housing center, they came up with a novel way to measure residents' drinking: Count the empty bottles in recycling bins. View News Article (2014-11-25)

Extracting Metal from the Sea ââ"ö" the Environmentally Friendly Way
A novel method that uses bacteria to mine valuable minerals from the ocean has been developed. Nodules collected from the Indian Ocean seabed can be treated to extract scarce land-based minerals in an environmentally sound way, says research published in the Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology. Using the marine species Bacillus M1, Cobalt, Copper and Nickel can be extracted from the... View News Article (2004-04-02)

Recycling perlite: New, improved method saves resources
Perlite, a processed volcanic mineral, is widely used as a component of soilless growing mixes. View News Article (2011-03-18)

MIT uncovers key blood protein
Scientists working in the only lab at MIT doing hematology research have uncovered a protein that plays a key role in the recycling of iron from blood. View News Article (2007-10-12)

Toxic computer waste in the developing world
As the developing world continues to develop, standards of living and access to technology increases. Unfortunately, as personal computers, laptops and mobile phones become increasingly common so the problem of recycling and disposal of such devices when they become technologically obsolete rises too. View News Article (2014-06-04)

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