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Not just clean but spotless -- Researchers show how cells tidy up
"Bang and the dirt is gone!" There are many commercials for products that claim to make the unpopular process of cleaning up easier. View News Article (2014-01-17)

Working 'tyrelessly' for the environment
An environmentally-friendly method of recycling tyres, which would help solve a growing waste problem across the globe, could soon be on the way thanks to some new technology supported by NESTA (the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) - the organisation that champions UK innovation and creativity. View News Article (2004-11-08)

GROWing the next generation of water recycling plants
A vegetated rooftop recycling system has been developed that allows water to be used twice before it is flushed into the communal waste water system. View News Article (2005-12-09)

Longer-living products
Almost two million tons of electrical and electronic scrap are generated each year in Germany alone. But it is usually much too valuable or too hazardous in terms of toxic content to dispose of on a waste tip or by incineration. The objective of "sustainable resource management" is to recycle complete units or at least parts of such equipment. Many companies, however, lack awareness of what is... View News Article (1999-07-01)

Get that tiger out of the tank!
Legal requirements on the disposal of scrapped vehicles are being tightened. New European legislation due to enter force in 2006 requires at least 85 percent by weight of end-of-life vehicles to be reclaimed - a figure that is likely to rise. Eighty percent of the recovered material has to be processed for reuse, i.e. not destroyed by incineration or a similar thermal process. The associated... View News Article (2003-09-18)

Evidence from Hawaiian volcanoes shows that Earth recycles its crust
A geologist at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, has come up with evidence our planet practices recycling on a grand scale. View News Article (2006-11-30)

Dramatically raising low metal recycling rates part of path to green economy: UNEP
Smarter product designs, support for developing country waste management schemes, and encouraging developed country households not to 'squirrel away' old electronic goods in drawers and closets could help boost recycling of metals world-wide. View News Article (2011-05-26)

Turning Trash into Cash . . . and Saving Energy
Suppose you could replace "Made in China" with "Made in my garage." Suppose also that every time you polished off a jug of two percent, you would be stocking up on raw material to make anything from a cell phone case and golf tees to a toy castle and a garlic press. View News Article (2013-03-04)

Recycling water in buildings by microbes
New information about how households and businesses can recycle and re-use their own water suggests that a submerged membrane bio-reactor could be the best method. The aim is to make water a more sustainable resource by reducing the amount that needs to be treated by large, central facilities. The work is being carried out in Cranfield University’s School of Water Sciences with funding from... View News Article (2000-08-02)

Turning cakes and ale into fertilizer
Many companies, by nature of their business, produce waste material, and what to do with that waste can often cause problems, in terms of both cost and damage to the environment. Now, a Newcastle University research centre has been set up specifically to provide assistance to companies which produce waste materials that have the potential to be recycled for use on the land, as fertilizers, soil... View News Article (2000-02-08)

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