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Artificial foot recycles energy for easier walking
An artificial foot that recycles energy otherwise wasted in between steps could make it easier for amputees to walk, its developers say.  View News Article (2010-02-17)

Lead poisoning from battery industry reported in developing countries
Documenting the hazards of lead battery manufacturing and recycling operations in emerging markets, a study in the September issue of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene reports that children living near these facilities in developing countries had approximately 13 times more lead in their blood than American children. View News Article (2011-08-15)

Ancient Red Dye Powers New "Green" Battery
Rose madder - a natural plant dye once prized throughout the Old World to make fiery red textiles - has found a second life as the basis for a new "green" battery.  View News Article (2012-12-12)

New 'ATM' takes old phones and gives back green
When new cell phones or tablets enter the marketplace, yesterday's hot technology can quickly become obsolete - for some consumers. For others, the device still has value as an affordable alternative, or even as spare parts. View News Article (2012-09-17)

More than 70% of electronic waste management is uncontrolled
Almost three quarters of disposed electrical household appliances in Spain are processed out of the Integrated Waste Management System (SIG). View News Article (2012-09-05)

Toxicity mechanism identified for Parkinson's disease
Neurologists have observed for decades that Lewy bodies, clumps of aggregated proteins inside cells, appear in the brains of patients with Parkinson's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. View News Article (2009-01-05)

Fungal footage fosters foresight into plant, animal disease
Mold and mildew may be doomed. Researchers are closer to understanding how these and other fungi grow. "Fungi have a big impact on our dinner plate," said Dr. Brian Shaw, Texas AgriLife Research plant pathologist.  View News Article (2009-12-22)

Penn researchers use honeybee venom toxin to develop a new tool for studying hypertension
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have modified a honeybee venom toxin so that it can be used as a tool to study the inner workings of ion channels that control heart rate and the recycling of salt in kidneys. View News Article (2008-09-18)

Toxic releases down from North American industry leaders, increasing from other facilities
The latest Taking Stock report from the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) reveals that a continued decline in releases of toxic chemicals to the environment-15 percent for the United States and Canada from 1998 to 2004-is being driven by a group of industrial facilities that are the largest generators of emissions. View News Article (2007-10-18)

Getting turned on
Scientists have identified a mechanism that switches on an extremely important process for the proper functioning and survival of our body's cells. View News Article (2010-03-18)

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