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Urban grime releases air pollutant when exposed to sunlight
In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers have determined that natural sunlight triggers the release of smog-forming nitrogen oxide compounds from the grime that typically coats buildings, statues and other outdoor surfaces in urban areas.  View News Article (2015-08-17)

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott launches New Research into Environmentally Friendly Plastics at University of Warwick
Rt Hon John Prescott MP, Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions will launch a research group dedicated to find more environmentally friendly ways to both and dispose of plastics. The launch will take place at 6pm today Tuesday 1st May in the International Manufacturing Centre at the University of Warwick. The new Sustainability Research Team... View News Article (2001-05-01)

Hide and seek: Researchers discover a new way for infectious bacteria to enter cells
French scientists have learned how Listeria monocytogenes, which causes a major food-borne illness, commandeers cellular transport machinery to invade cells and hide from the body's immune system. View News Article (2005-08-22)

Nutrient recycling - the ideal way to avoid nutrient limitation in a grazer community
The rocky shore of Lake Erken, Sweden, is inhabited by the sessile psychomyiid caddisfly Tinodes waeneri (L.). The larva lives in a gallery, consisting of a spun silken web plus other organic and inorganic material associated with the web (Danecker 1961, Becker 1993, Hasselrot 1993a). The additional organic material includes detritus and living microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, and periphytic... View News Article (2000-01-17)

Your body recycling itself -- captured on film
Our bodies recycle proteins, the fundamental building blocks that enable cell growth and development. View News Article (2010-09-13)

Researchers Discover Mechanism for Signaling Receptor Recycling
An international team of researchers led by Carnegie Mellon University's Manojkumar Puthenveedu has discovered the mechanism by which signaling receptors recycle, a critical piece in understanding signaling receptor function. View News Article (2010-12-22)

Central targets may hinder wider waste management objectives
Government priorities can drive local waste partnerships towards the achievement of central targets and efficiency savings rather than wider sustainable waste management objectives, a study funded by the Economic and Social Research Council shows. View News Article (2007-08-29)

Major ALS breakthrough
The underlying disease process of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS and Lou Gehrig's disease), a fatal neurodegenerative disease that paralyzes its victims, has long eluded scientists and prevented development of effective therapies.  View News Article (2011-08-22)

Artificial foot recycles energy for easier walking
An artificial foot that recycles energy otherwise wasted in between steps could make it easier for amputees to walk, its developers say.  View News Article (2010-02-17)

Lead poisoning from battery industry reported in developing countries
Documenting the hazards of lead battery manufacturing and recycling operations in emerging markets, a study in the September issue of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene reports that children living near these facilities in developing countries had approximately 13 times more lead in their blood than American children. View News Article (2011-08-15)

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