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An unexpected outcome of atmospheric CO2 enrichment
Unseen belowground interactions impact the composition of natural plant communities. Mycorrhizae, symbiotic associations between soil fungi and plant roots, help plants acquire soil nutrients but also drain substantial carbon from plants. Whether mycorrhizae help or hinder plant growth depends upon the balance between nutrient benefits and carbon costs. Mycorrhizae can structure plant communities... View News Article (2003-05-22)

No-till farming improves soil stability
A joint Agricultural Research Service (ARS)-multi-university study across the central Great Plains on the effects of more than 19 years of various tillage practices shows that no-till makes soil much more stable than plowed soil. View News Article (2010-05-12)

Estimate Soil Texture-by-Feel
The ability to estimate soil texture-by-feel is an important skill that students and registered soil scientists should learn. View News Article (2008-10-16)

Spreading antibiotics in the soil affects microbial ecosystems
Antibiotics used extensively in intensive livestock production may be having an adverse effect on agricultural soil ecosystems. View News Article (2009-03-30)

Fingerprinting Fugitive Dust
Each community of soil microbes has a unique fingerprint that can potentially be used to track soil back to its source, right down to whether it came from dust from a rural road or from a farm field, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) soil scientist. View News Article (2011-07-22)

Dust storms may carry bacteria to Japan from China
Bacteria found in soil around Tokyo are not indigenous to the area. A study published in the open access journal Saline Systems reveals a large proportion of salt-loving bacteria in non-saline soil around Tokyo. The researchers suggest that dust storms may have carried the bacteria from their natural habitats in China. View News Article (2005-10-20)

Cover crops can sequester soil organic carbon
A 12-year University of Illinois study shows that, although the use of cover crops does not improve crop yields, the practice does increase the amount of sequestered soil organic carbon using three different soil management systems.  View News Article (2014-12-03)

Students Get a Feel for Soil-Water Relationships
Using little more than PVC rings, a trashcan, and a scale, students can literally get a feel for soil water retention and field capacity, concepts that are important and useful in fields from farming to engineering. View News Article (2010-08-02)

The effect of transgenic nematode resistance on non-target organisms in the potato rhizosphere
A paper published today in the December Issue of Journal of Applied Ecology by Cowgill et al describes the results of small-scale field trials that were used to assess the effect of PI-expressing potatoes on non-target soil organisms. The impact of a currently used PCN management option, the nematicide, aldicarb, on soil organisms was also studied. View News Article (2002-11-26)

Experts support call for new focus on soil management
Professor Mark Kibblewhite, Director of the recently launched National Soil Resources Institute, today strongly supported calls by the Environment Agency for a new focus on environmentally-friendly soil management practices. This comes after publication by the Agency of a report on Agriculture and Natural Resource Problems. NSRI is a department on Cranfield University’s Silsoe campus, and a... View News Article (2002-06-18)

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