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Bugs expose underground carbon traffic system 10 times more important than fossil fuel burning
The flow of carbon through soil is ten times greater than the amount of carbon moved around by the burning of fossil fuel but until now how this happens was at best poorly understood. View News Article (2005-10-10)

Increasing Potato Production
Despite sophisticated nutrient management of potato crops, quality and yield still see wide variability. Although nutrients are already well understood, the influence of other environmental factors remains understudied. View News Article (2010-06-21)

Soil Carbon Storage is Not Always Influenced by Tillage Practices
The practice of no-till has increased considerably during the past 20 yr. Soils under no-till usually host a more abundant and diverse biota and are less prone to erosion, water loss, and structural breakdown than tilled soils. View News Article (2009-02-26)

Analyzing long-term impacts of biofuel on the land
The growing development and implementation of renewable biofuel energy has considerable advantages over using declining supplies of fossil fuels. View News Article (2011-02-04)

Groundbreaking research in Scotland
A £5.85 million pound study of the soil in the Cheviot Hills has finally come to an end, producing a huge wealth of new information for scientists. View News Article (2004-03-31)

From the ancient Amazonian Indians: A modern weapon against global warming
Scientists are reporting that "biochar" - a material that the Amazonian Indians used to enhance soil fertility centuries ago - has potential in the modern world to help slow global climate change. View News Article (2010-01-14)

Polyethylene mulch, glazing create optimal conditions for soil solarization
Soil solarization, a process that uses solar radiation to rid the soil of pests, is most common in regions with high solar radiation and high temperatures during the summer season. View News Article (2014-11-24)

Pesticide Impact: Comparing Lab, Field-Scale Results
Assessing the environmental risk of pesticide use is an important, complex task that requires knowledge of the equilibrium sorption parameter. View News Article (2011-06-16)

Researchers Find That Cattle Tuberculosis Remains in Fields For Up to 4 Months
Researchers from the University of Warwick's Department of Biological Sciences have found evidence that bovine tuberculosis remains in fields for up to 4 months. This means that long after an outbreak of bovine TB on a farm healthy cattle may still be exposed to the disease from pasture that had been used by infected cows any time in the previous 4 months. University of Warwick researchers... View News Article (2002-04-19)

More market less poverty, but also more sustainable land use?
During empirical research in Benin, Dutch-sponsored researcher Esa√Øe Gandonou demonstrated that farmers in underdeveloped parts of developing countries make little extra effort to control soil erosion if the market to which they sell their products becomes more accessible. View News Article (2006-02-16)

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