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Common nanoparticles found to be highly toxic to Arctic ecosystem
Queen's researchers have discovered that nanoparticles, which are now present in everything from socks to salad dressing and suntan lotion, may have irreparably damaging effects on soil systems and the environment. View News Article (2011-04-07)

Snails snack on poison metals
SOILS tainted with heavy metals from industrial pollution and sewage sludge may poison organisms that live in the soil far more readily than thought. The finding raises fears that unexpectedly high levels of toxins are getting into the food chain. Contaminated soils are given hazard ratings that are based on the key assumption that organisms can only take up heavy metals and other pollutants if... View News Article (2002-12-18)

Great wines come from great soils
The world's greatest wines are the result of a threefold synergy among grape variety, human input, and something called the "terroir" -- a term often defined as the vineyard site, soil, and climate. View News Article (2009-11-04)

Understanding the historical probability of drought
Droughts can severely limit crop growth, causing yearly losses of around $8 billion in the United States. But it may be possible to minimize those losses if farmers can synchronize the growth of crops with periods of time when drought is less likely to occur. View News Article (2013-01-30)

Will Large Amounts of Soil Carbon be Released to the Atmosphere if Grasslands are Converted to Energy Crops?
Grasslands in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) in the United States may be increasingly converted to growing bioenergy grain crops. View News Article (2009-02-17)

Illinois Soil Nitrogen Test Measures Microbial Nitrogen
Contrary to the prevailing view, cereal crops derive the majority of their nitrogen from the soil, not fertilizer. View News Article (2009-05-12)

Can biofuels be sustainable?
With oil prices skyrocketing, the search is on for efficient and sustainable biofuels. Research published this month in Agronomy Journal examines one biofuel crop contender: corn stover.  View News Article (2008-08-20)

Helping the NRC Look Below the Surface
Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists are helping U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) experts model the movement of radioactive materials in the soil. Their findings can be used to fine-tune the risk assessment studies that are an essential component in the development of commercial nuclear facilities.  View News Article (2010-04-26)

Understanding plant-soil interaction could lead to new ways to combat weeds
Using high-powered DNA-based tools, a recent study at the University of Illinois identified soil microbes that negatively affect ragweed and provided a new understanding of the complex relationships going on beneath the soil surface between plants and microorganisms. View News Article (2014-03-26)

Digging deep for ways to curb ammonia emissions
Dairy farmers can greatly reduce ammonia emissions from their production facilities by injecting liquid manure into crop fields below the soil surface. View News Article (2010-09-29)

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