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Joint Statement at the International Space Station Heads of Agency meeting
The leaders of the space agencies taking part in the ISS programme, including the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), the European Space Agency (ESA), National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA) and the Russian Aviation and Space Agency (Rosaviakosmos), met today at ESA`s Headquarters to discuss the status of the ISS... View News Article (2002-06-03)

All systems go for next communication spacecraft
The most recent evaluations of NASA's Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) project confirmed all systems go for a third generation upgrade of the orbiting communications network. View News Article (2011-11-22)

Israeli cave explorers return from record-breaking expedition of 'Everest of the caves'
Cavers from the cave research unit of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have just returned from exploring the deepest cave in the world.  View News Article (2012-09-04)

Naval Research Laboratory's ANDE-2 deployed from Space Shuttle Endeavour
The Naval Research Laboratory's satellite suite, the Atmospheric Neutral Density Experiment 2 (ANDE-2), was deployed from NASA's Space Shuttle Endeavour on July 30, 2009. View News Article (2009-08-06)

Life on Mars 'pregnancy test' successfully launched
Key components of a new approach to discover life on Mars were successfully launched into space Friday as part of a twelve-day, low-Earth orbit experiment to assess their survivability in the space radiation environment-a prelude future journeys to Mars. View News Article (2007-09-18)

LRO's LAMP ultraviolet spectrograph observes mercury and hydrogen in GRAIL impact plumes
When NASA's twin GRAIL spacecraft made their final descent for impact onto the Moon's surface last December, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter's sophisticated payload was in position to observe the effects. View News Article (2013-03-27)

NJIT scientist creates instrument for NASA Aug. 23 launch
NJIT Distinguished Research Professor and former Bell Labs scientist Louis J. Lanzerotti, will see his 50-year quest to better understand space weather and Earth's Van Allen Radiation Belts rocket, once again, into space on Aug. 23, 2012.  View News Article (2012-08-08)

European Space Policy Institute founded in Vienna
The European Space Agency (ESA) and the Austrian Space Agency (ASA), on behalf of the Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) of the Federal Republic of Austria, today founded the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) in Vienna. The Institute, whose creation was recommended to the ESA Director General in 1999, is to become the focal point for promoting European space policy in... View News Article (2003-11-26)

EU and Russia define co-operation agenda in satellite monitoring and space exploration
Today in Brussels European Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin met Mr Yuri Koptev, Director-General of Rosaviakosmos, the Russian Space Agency. They discussed current and future progress in Euro-Russian co-operation in space, within the "Space Partnership". They addressed the need for common research on the satellite positioning systems GALILEO and GLONASS, on the EU Global... View News Article (2003-03-20)

TDRS-4 Mission Complete; Spacecraft Retired From Active Service
The Tracking and Data Relay Satellite 4 (TDRS-4) recently completed almost 23 years of operations support and successfully completed end-of-mission de-orbit and decommissioning activities. View News Article (2012-05-09)

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