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Astronomers discover stars in early galaxies had a need for speed
A team of astronomers has measured the motions of stars in a very distant galaxy for the first time and discovered they are whizzing around at astonishingly high speeds-about one million miles per hour, or twice the speed at which the Sun circles our own Milky Way galaxy. View News Article (2009-08-07)

Many comets originally formed in other solar systems: Queen's University astronomer
Many of the most well known comets in history, including Halley, Hale-Bopp and McNaught, may have been born in orbit around other stars and not the Sun, according to a new study by Queen's University astronomy professor Martin Duncan and an international team of astronomers. View News Article (2010-06-11)

NASA's Hubble Shows Link Between Stars' Ages and Their Orbits
Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have determined the orbital motion of two distinct populations of stars in an ancient globular star cluster, offering proof they formed at different times and providing a rare look back into the Milky Way galaxy's early days. View News Article (2013-07-19)

Black Holes Grow Big by Eating Stars
Most galaxies, including the Milky Way, have a supermassive black hole at their center weighing millions to billions of suns. View News Article (2012-04-03)

NASA's Hubble Sees a Cosmic Caterpillar
This light-year-long knot of interstellar gas and dust resembles a caterpillar on its way to a feast. But the meat of the story is not only what this cosmic caterpillar eats for lunch, but also what's eating it.  View News Article (2013-08-30)

First known binary star is discovered to be a triplet, quadruplet, quintuplet, sextuplet system
In ancient times, people with exceptional vision discovered that one of the brightest stars in the Big Dipper was, in fact, two stars so close together that most people cannot distinguish them. The two stars, Alcor and Mizar, were the first binary stars-a pair of stars that orbit each other-ever known. View News Article (2009-12-10)

New 'alien' invaders found in the Milky Way: Queen's University astronomer
As many as one quarter of the star clusters in our Milky Way - many more than previously thought - are invaders from other galaxies, according to a new study. View News Article (2010-03-01)

Astronomers catch binary star explosion inside nebula
The explosion of a binary star inside a planetary nebula has been captured by a team led by UCL (University College London) researchers - an event that has not been witnessed for more than 100 years. View News Article (2008-11-20)

The missing link in the evolution of magnetic cataclysmic stars?
An international team of astronomers might have discovered the missing link in the evolution of the so-called magnetic cataclysmic variable stars. They determined the spin and orbital periods of the binary star Paloma. View News Article (2007-09-17)

CSIRO telescope spots mega-star cradle
Using a CSIRO radio telescope, an international team of researchers has caught an enormous cloud of cosmic gas and dust in the process of collapsing in on itself - a discovery which could help solve one of astronomy's enduring conundrums: 'How do massive stars form?' View News Article (2010-05-03)

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