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Lots of Small Stars Born in Starburst Region
The present research programme was granted observing time with VLT ANTU in April 1999. Its general aim is to investigate collective, massive star formation, in particular the coalescence of high- and low-mass stars in the violent environments of starburst regions. These are areas in which the processes that lead to the birth of new stars are particularly active just now. View News Article (1999-10-13)

Planets with double suns are common
Astronomers using NASA's Kepler mission have discovered two new circumbinary planet systems - planets that orbit two stars, like Tatooine in the movie Star Wars.  View News Article (2012-01-12)

New technique reveals supernova progenitor
Wolf-Rayet stars are very large and very hot. Astronomers have long wondered whether Wolf-Rayet stars are the progenitors of certain types of supernovae.  View News Article (2014-05-22)

Herschel finds a hole in space
ESA's Herschel infrared space telescope has made an unexpected discovery: a hole in space. The hole has provided astronomers with a surprising glimpse into the end of the star-forming process. View News Article (2010-05-12)

Jupiter-like Planets Could Form Around Twin Suns
Life on a planet ruled by two suns might be a little complicated. Two sunrises, two sunsets. Twice the radiation field.  View News Article (2009-01-06)

NRL Researchers Study Galaxy Mergers
Scientists at the Naval Research Laboratory have solved a long-standing dilemma about the mass of infrared bright merging galaxies. Because galaxies are the largest directly observable objects in the universe, learning more about their formation is key to understanding how the universe works. View News Article (2010-04-20)

Lift off for Eddington Mission to look inside the stars and search for planets like Earth
"It is not too much to hope that in the not too distant future we shall be competent to understand so simple a thing as a star " (Arthur Eddington 1926) View News Article (2002-05-27)

Cornell-led team detects dust around a primitive star, shedding new light on universe's origins
A Cornell-led team of astronomers has observed dust forming around a dying star in a nearby galaxy, giving a glimpse into the early universe and enlivening a debate about the origins of all cosmic dust.  View News Article (2009-01-16)

Hubble sees multiple star generations in a globular cluster
Hubble's observations of the massive globular cluster NGC 2808 provide evidence for three generations of stars that formed early in its life. This is a major upset for conventional theories that propose a single period of star birth. View News Article (2007-05-03)

Largest collection of anomalous white dwarfs observed in new Hubble images
Twenty-four unusual stars, 18 of them newly discovered, have been observed in new Hubble telescope images. The stars are white dwarfs, a common type of dead star, but they are odd because they are made of helium rather than the usual carbon and oxygen. This is the first extensive sequence of helium-core white dwarfs to be observed in a globular cluster, a dense swarm of some of the oldest stars... View News Article (2009-04-23)

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