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Blood transfusion-transmitted infections: A global perspective
Thanks to the many blood-safety interventions introduced since 1984, the overall risk for most transfusion-transmitted infections has become exceedingly small. View News Article (2006-09-28)

Study: Transfusion Not Always Best Treatment for Anemia, Age of Stored Blood May Play a Role
University of Kentucky researchers, including lead author Samy Selim of the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine and the Saha Cardiovascular Research Center, have recently published a paper suggesting that transfusion may not always be the best treatment for hospitalized patients with anemia. View News Article (2011-10-13)

Blood transfusions should not go ahead without informed consent
Two legal experts argue on today that informed consent should be obtained from competent patients before blood transfusions takes place. View News Article (2010-08-25)

Experts examine ways to address anemia and blood loss in surgery patients
Anemia is common, and in surgical patients can increase various risks associated with operations. While blood transfusion can be a lifesaver for patients in these situations, it may not be always be appropriate and can even increase risks. View News Article (2015-09-09)

A fine-tuned approach improves platelet generation from stem cells
A low platelet count can occur as the result of a variety of medical conditions and as a medication side effect. Platelet transfusion is often required for individuals with a critically low platelet level. View News Article (2015-05-12)

Pitt, Wake Forest team finds why stored transfusion blood may become less safe with age
Transfused blood may need to be stored in a different way to prevent the breakdown of red blood cells that can lead to complications including infection, organ failure and death, say researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Wake Forest University.  View News Article (2011-07-14)

Duration of RBC storage does not affect short-term pulmonary, immunologic, or coagulation status
There is no difference in early measures of pulmonary function, immunologic status or coagulation status after fresh versus standard issue single-unit red blood cell (RBC) transfusion, according to a new study from the Mayo Clinic.  View News Article (2012-01-20)

Red blood cell transfusions under scrutiny
Bristol scientists have found that red blood cell transfusions given to people having heart surgery could increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. View News Article (2007-11-27)

Novel transfusion strategy for pediatric patients in intensive care
In its April 19th, 2007 edition, the New England Journal of Medicine published an article about the findings of a multi-center randomized clinical trial that compared transfusion strategies for patients in pediatric intensive care units. View News Article (2007-04-20)

Better blood screening process needed to prevent babesiosis transmission
Babesiosis is a potentially dangerous parasitic disease transmitted by ticks and is common in the Northeast and the upper Midwest. Babesia lives inside of red blood cells, meaning it can also be transmitted through a blood transfusion from an infected but otherwise asymptomatic blood donor. View News Article (2009-10-21)

Sort By: Most Viewed Transfusion Medicine Current Events | Recent Transfusion Medicine Current Events
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