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Kenyan Study Could Help Other African Countries Improve Hiv Blood-transfusion Strategies (p 657)
A 1994 study which highlighted the problem of HIV-1 transmission from blood-transfusion programmes in Kenya-and resulted in positive government action-could help other African countries develop safer blood-transfusion strategies. Little support for blood-safety programmes has been provided to less-developed countries over the past decade. The Kenya Ministry of Health did a collaborative... View News Article (2001-08-22)

Study confirms vCJD could be transmitted by blood transfusion
The findings underline the importance of precautions against vCJD transmission, such as the Government decision in 2004 to ban blood donations from anyone who had received a blood transfusion since 1980. View News Article (2008-08-29)

Fresh whole blood reduces possible complications in pediatric heart surgery patients
Using fresh whole blood from single donors is better than using component blood from multiple donors in pediatric heart surgery patients, according to an article in the May 2015 issue of The Annals of Thoracic Surgery. View News Article (2015-04-30)

Blood transfusion poses CJD risk (pp 411, 417, 422)
Two studies in this week's issue of THE LANCET highlight the public-health implications of blood transfusion as a possible route for infection by the prion protein responsible for variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD). The death from vCJD of an individual in the UK who had previously received a blood transfusion from a donor who went on to have vCJD was announced on December 17, 2003. Robert... View News Article (2004-02-04)

The New England Journal of Medicine reports data on eculizumab for the treatment of PNH
A study led by Dr Peter Hillmen of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, relating to an uncommon and severe haemolytic anaemia known as paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria (PNH). View News Article (2006-09-21)

Variant of mad cow disease may be transmitted by blood transfusions, according to animal study
Blood transfusions are a valuable treatment mechanism in modern medicine, but can come with the risk of donor disease transmission. Researchers are continually studying the biology of blood products to understand how certain diseases are transmitted in an effort to reduce this risk during blood transfusions. View News Article (2008-08-29)

Study links blood transfusions to surgery complications in women
Women die and get infections more often than men after heart surgery because they tend to receive more blood transfusions, which boost the risks of bad outcomes. View News Article (2007-12-03)

Stroke risk returns when children with sickle cell disease stop transfusions
Stopping regular blood transfusions in children with sickle cell disease who are at risk for a stroke means their stroke risk likely will return, researchers have found. View News Article (2005-12-30)

Platelet transfusions increase odds of death in some rare blood cell disorders
People hospitalized with certain rare blood cell disorders frequently receive a treatment that is associated with a two- to fivefold increase in death, according to a new study that reviewed hospital records nationwide.  View News Article (2015-01-15)

Heavier patients require less blood transfusions in hip, knee replacement surgery
Blood transfusion rates in hip and knee replacement surgery were dramatically lower in overweight or obese patients than patients of normal weight, according to a study at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. View News Article (2015-10-01)

Sort By: Most Viewed Transfusion Medicine Current Events | Recent Transfusion Medicine Current Events
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