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Transfusion expert urges wider use of filtered blood
Filtering white cells from donor blood before a transfusion is much safer for patients and long overdue as a national standard for all surgical procedures, according to University of Rochester researchers who present their analysis in the April journal, Transfusion. View News Article (2007-04-04)

Research Will Push Forward Fight Against Leukaemia
A project which aims to make laboratory-grown leukaemia cells change form and then be used to prime a patient's own immune system to kill off malignant cells has begun in Edinburgh. If successful, the study could give clinicians a way of destroying residual leukaemic cells which are undetectable by microscope. The findings could be helpful in the treatment of acute myeloblastic leukaemia (AML),... View News Article (2002-10-25)

Cerebrospinal Fluid Restores Vision
A new method for visual impairment treatment has been discovered by researchers of the Institute of Human Brain, Russian Academy of Sciences. The patients suffering from visual impairment can be helped if a healthy donor's cerebrospinal fluid is introduced to the parent's vertebral canal - this method is called liquortransfusion. Physiologists have determined that the method is effective even... View News Article (2004-11-01)

Use of fresh red blood cells for transfusions for premature infants does not improve outcomes
Among premature, very low-birth-weight infants requiring a transfusion, use of fresh red blood cells (RBCs) compared with standard RBC transfusion practice did not improve clinical outcomes that included rates of complications or death, according to a study in the October 10 issue of JAMA. View News Article (2012-10-08)

LA BioMed study finds traumatic brain injury treatment is ineffective
More than 1.7 million people in the U.S. alone suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) every year, often resulting in permanent disabilities or death.  View News Article (2015-01-28)

Bioreactors might solve blood-platelet supply problems
It might be possible to grow human blood platelets in the laboratory for transfusion, according to a new study at The Ohio State University Medical Center. View News Article (2008-12-23)

Better blood transfusions for preterm babies
Results of new research from the University of Adelaide are a promising step forward in helping to improve the quality of life-saving blood transfusions for preterm babies, by reducing the likelihood of adverse inflammatory responses to the blood. View News Article (2012-11-26)

Preoperative blood typing may not be needed for some pediatric surgeries
Certain pediatric surgeries carry such low risk of serious blood loss that clinicians can safely forgo expensive blood typing and blood stocking before such procedures, suggest the results of a small study by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center.  View News Article (2013-09-24)

New stem cell method may eliminate need for blood donations to maintain platelet supply
Platelets, whose primary function is to prevent bleeding, are vital for treating various forms of trauma and blood diseases. However, they can only be obtained through blood donations at present. View News Article (2014-02-14)

Antidepressants linked with increased risks after surgery
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) - among the most widely prescribed antidepressant medications - are associated with increased risk of bleeding, transfusion, hospital readmission and death when taken around the time of surgery, according to an analysis led by researchers at UC San Francisco and Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Mass. View News Article (2013-04-30)

Sort By: Most Viewed Transfusion Medicine Current Events | Recent Transfusion Medicine Current Events
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