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Few differences in outcomes between open and laparoscopic prostate surgery
Of the 200,000 men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer each year in the United States, about one-third will undergo surgical treatment. View News Article (2010-02-22)

Clue to switch of bladder cancer from locally contained to invasive found by Jefferson scientists
Bladder cancer often becomes aggressive and spreads in patients despite treatment, but now researchers at the Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson have identified a protein they believe is involved in pushing tumors to become invasive - and deadly. View News Article (2010-05-17)

One size doesn't fit all for vitamin D and men
African-American men living in areas with low sunlight are up to 3 ½ times more likely to have Vitamin D deficiency than Caucasian men and should take high levels of Vitamin D supplements, according to a new study from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. View News Article (2011-09-20)

Contrast-enhanced ultrasound better detects high-grade prostate cancers with less biopsies
Contrast-enhanced ultrasound was found to better detect high-grade prostate cancer than conventional methods, making it a more appropriate approach for screening clinically important cancers and monitoring low-risk ones with less biopsies. View News Article (2012-09-28)

Erectile dysfunction drug also helps men ejaculate and orgasm
New data suggests the erectile dysfunction (ED) drug Cialis may also be beneficial in helping men who have problems with ejaculation and orgasm, report researchers from NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center in the February issue of the British Journal of Urology International. View News Article (2013-01-30)

Prostate specific antigen screening declines after 2012 USPSTF recommendations
Researchers at Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals Case Medical Center have assessed the impact of the 2012 U.S. View News Article (2014-03-14)

Delay in surgery decreases survival for bladder cancer patients
Bladder cancer patients whose surgery was delayed for more than three months after their diagnosis were more likely to die from their disease than patients whose surgery was performed sooner. View News Article (2006-03-28)

Japanese P2 study shows potential of combined vaccine and steroid drug in castration-resistant PCa
Multi-peptide vaccination therapy combined with the low-dose steroid drug dexamethasone shows promise in treating chemotherapy-naive castration resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) patients. View News Article (2013-03-15)

When rising PSA means prostate cancer is in patient's future
A man's rising PSA (prostate-specific antigen) level over several years - which had been seen as a possible warning sign of prostate cancer - has recently come under fire as a screening test because it sometimes prompts biopsies that turn out to be normal.  View News Article (2011-05-19)

Active surveillance provides a viable alternative to surgery for small kidney masses
Active surveillance of small kidney masses is a safe and effective alternative to immediate surgery, with similar overall and cancer specific survival rates, according to a study published in the November issue of the urology journal BJUI.  View News Article (2012-10-17)

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