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Breakthrough opens new avenues for hep C vaccine
Hopes for an effective vaccine and treatment against the potentially fatal hepatitis C virus (HCV) have received a major boost following the discovery of two 'Achilles' heels' within the virus. View News Article (2011-09-14)

Rates of genital herpes infections rise
Genital infections with Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) have risen in western Scotland over the last 15 years, particularly among young women, finds a study in this week’s BMJ. View News Article (2002-06-05)

Flu can bide time in icy limbo before re-emerging
It sounds like a campy '50s horror movie ("It Came from the Ice!"), but a Bowling Green State University biologist believes it's a very real possibility. Dr. Scott Rogers is talking about the potential for long-dormant strains of influenza, packed in ice in remote global outposts, to be unleashed by melting and migratory birds. View News Article (2006-11-29)

Predicting the pandemic - staying one step ahead of influenza
Studies to identify which influenza virus strains are present in pigs and chickens could help scientists to predict the next human pandemic strain and develop new, more effective, vaccines medical experts heard today (Wednesday 09 January 2002) during a joint meeting of the European Societies of Clinical and Veterinary Virology and the Society for General Microbiology at the Royal College of... View News Article (2001-12-21)

Triple-Combo Drug Shows Promise Against Antiviral-Resistant Swine Flu, UAB Researcher Says
An experimental drug cocktail that includes three prescriptions now widely available offers the best hope in developing a single agent to treat drug-resistant H1N1 swine flu, says a virology researcher in the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases. View News Article (2009-10-28)

New model to study HIV latency in brain cells
Over 35 million people worldwide are currently infected by HIV. Antiviral therapies can keep the virus from multiplying. View News Article (2015-06-19)

'Achilles' heel' of the herpes virus possibly found
It's one of the most common viruses in America, and one that causes the most guilt and shame. It can get inside almost any kind of human cell, reproduce in vast numbers, and linger for years in the body, causing everything from recurrent genital blisters to sores around the mouth. Its complications can kill, and it may increase susceptibility to many nerve and brain disorders. View News Article (2005-07-25)

HIV-1 kills immune cells in the gut that may never bounce back
People with HIV have been living longer, healthier lives since the development of highly active antiretroviral therapy (or HAART) in 1995. In fact, most patients on the drug regimen do so well that, according to blood tests, their immune cells appear to return to pre-HIV levels. View News Article (2006-12-05)

Big-Data Analysis Identifies Prognostic RNA Markers in a Common Form of Breast Cancer
A Big-Data analysis that integrates three large sets of genomic data available through The Cancer Genome Atlas has identified 37 RNA molecules that might predict survival in patients with the most common form of breast cancer.  View News Article (2013-04-30)

CWRU researchers discover byproducts from bacteria awaken dormant T-cells and HIV viruses
Dental and medical researchers from Case Western Reserve University found another reason to treat periodontal disease as soon as possible.  View News Article (2015-01-05)

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