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Fresh-cut produce washing practices can minimize food-borne illness risks
Researchers at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently examined the safety and quality of "wash techniques" used in the production of packaged produce. View News Article (2007-12-07)

Drinking recycled water?
The Australian Government National Water Commission funded a study to establish an approach to assess the quality of water treated using managed aquifer recharge. View News Article (2011-01-07)

Fuzzy logic water quality
A fuzzy logic approach to analyzing water quality could help reduce the number of people in the developing world forced to drink polluted and diseased water for survival. View News Article (2008-04-18)

Study of espresso coffee quality
The preparation of Espresso Coffee (EC) is influenced by factors related to the coffee and water and other technical conditions related to the machine. Susana Andueza has presented her doctoral thesis about Influence of technological variables on espresso coffee quality. Antioxidant and pro-oxidant capacity of coffee in the University of Navarre. The aim of this work was to investigate the... View News Article (2004-02-12)

Study shows cleaner water mitigates climate change effects on Florida Keys coral reefs
Improving the quality of local water increases the resistance of coral reefs to global climate change, according to a study published in June in Marine Ecology Progress Series.  View News Article (2010-07-07)

Interventions to improve water qulaity for preventing diarrhea
Researchers from Emory University, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and the World Health Organization have carried out an updated Cochrane review to assess the effectiveness of interventions to improve water quality for preventing diarrhoea.  View News Article (2015-10-22)

Renaturation of waterbodies does not have to be expensive
The water landscape in many countries has many deficiencies. The ecological consequences of this are poor water quality as well as a deterioration and a shift of the naturally occurring species spectrum. The Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI, Germany, has examined the existing morphological water structure deficiencies and possible renaturation measures for the German... View News Article (2002-08-20)

Pesticide Concentrations Decreasing
The widespread use of pesticides across the United States has been in practice for decades, with little knowledge of the long-term effects on the nation's groundwater.  View News Article (2008-10-21)

Small landscape changes can mean big freshwater gains
A typical bird's-eye view of the Midwest offers a patchwork landscape covered mostly by agriculture but mottled with forest, wetland, grassland, buildings and pavement. This pattern influences the quality and supply of the many natural benefits the landscape provides people, including freshwater.  View News Article (2015-11-18)

Everglades Show Improvement in Water Quality
Researchers at the University of Florida Research and Education Centers and scientists at the South Florida Water Management District have published a report regarding the trends in water quality feeding into Everglades National Park. View News Article (2010-10-22)

Sort By: Most Viewed Water Quality Current Events | Recent Water Quality Current Events
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