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Global warming not responsible for malaria increase in East African Highlands
Recent increases in malaria in the East African Highlands cannot be attributed to global warming, researchers at the Department of Zoology at Oxford University have shown. It has long been known that malaria in highland areas is hindered by low temperatures which limit the development of the parasites in the mosquito. Recent upsurges of malaria in these areas were believed to be due to increasing... View News Article (2002-02-21)

Cole Museum of Zoology Opens Its Doors
MEDIA OPPORTUNITY: Rare chance to see the whole animal kingdom in an hour LOCATION: Foyer of Animal and Microbial Sciences building at University of Reading Whiteknights campus TIME & DATE: Wednesday 17 March at 6pm The Cole Museum of Zoology, featuring more than 3,500 unique and exciting specimens, is being opened at the University of Reading after a yearlong redevelopment project. Funded... View News Article (2004-02-27)

Here's venom in your eye: Spitting cobras hit their mark
Spitting cobras have an exceptional ability to spray venom into eyes of potential attackers. A new study published in Physiological and Biochemical Zoology reveals how these snakes maximize their chances of hitting the target. View News Article (2009-01-23)

Lizard moms may prepare their babies for a stressful world
Stressed out lizard moms tend to give their developing embryos short shrift, but the hardship may ultimately be a good thing for the babies once they're born, according to a study published in the journal Physiological and Biochemical Zoology. View News Article (2012-04-20)

New vaccination research
A team of ecologists has shown that mass vaccination programmes can sometimes produce unexpected results - which could lead to new thinking on how such programmes are carried out. View News Article (1999-10-29)

Males suffer from having too many females
A team of British scientists has shown that too many female deer in a herd is bad news for males - as well as for deer herd managers. The team, from Cambridge, Edinburgh, Imperial College and Scottish Natural Heritage, have followed the fortunes of more than 2,000 red deer on Rum - over the last 30 years, studying their movements, breeding successes and survival. Their results have shown that, as... View News Article (2002-02-05)

Virtual Stuntmen to debut in Hollywood epic Troy
The first ever Virtual Stuntmen will be used in Troy, the Hollywood epic starring Brad Pitt (Fight Club, Seven) as Achilles - and the technology has been developed by NaturalMotion, an Oxford University spin-off company. NaturalMotion's software endorphin, born out of Oxford University Zoology research into human motion, uniquely creates virtual characters whose bodies react exactly like real... View News Article (2003-06-23)

Gazelles shrink liver and heart to reduce oxygen consumption during drought
How do gazelles and other large desert mammals adjust their physiology to survive when food and water are in short supply? View News Article (2006-06-09)

Energy requirements make Antarctic fur seal pups vulnerable to climate change
A new study suggests that climate change could pose a risk for Antarctic fur seals in their first few months of life.  View News Article (2012-03-22)

Earwigs raised without parents demonstrate limited maternal care of their own offspring
For young animals depending on maternal care for survival, the loss of parents often leads to serious consequences and even death. View News Article (2015-11-17)

Sort By: Most Viewed Zoology Current Events | Recent Zoology Current Events
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