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Oceans turning to acid from rise in CO2
A report issued by the Royal Society in the U.K. sounds the alarm about the world's oceans. "If CO2 from human activities continues to rise, the oceans will become so acidic by 2100 it could threaten marine life in ways we can't anticipate," commented Dr. Ken Caldeira, co-author of the report and a newly appointed staff scientist at the Carnegie Institution's Department of Global... View News Article (2005-07-01)

Surprising Killer of Southeastern Salt Marshes: Common Sea Snails
Periwinkles, the spiral-shelled snails commonly found along rocky U.S. shorelines, play a primary role in the unprecedented disappearance of salt marsh in the southeastern states, according to new research published in Science. View News Article (2005-12-16)

Wildlife researchers identify impacts of contamination in amphibians
Bill Hopkins, fisheries and wildlife associate professor in Virginia Tech's College of Natural Resources, and colleagues doing research at the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory and in the field, have demonstrated that amphibians are exposed to contaminants through maternal transfer, as has been proven for other vertebrates. View News Article (2006-02-22)

Recovery from acid rain 'much slower than expected'
Acid rain was one of the world's worst pollution problems of the 1970s and 1980s, affecting large areas of upland Britain, as well as Europe and North America. View News Article (2007-09-28)

From parasitism to mutualism: Partner control in asymmetric interactions
What prevents an exploitative individual from taking advantage of a cooperative partner? Most attempts to answer this question focus on reciprocity - exploitation may not pay, if it triggers retaliation. But in many encounters, only one individual can exploit the other. For example, when coral reef fish approach a `cleaner` wrasse to have their parasites removed, the cleaner can take advantage... View News Article (2002-09-09)

Alligator egg development at prehistoric oxygen levels
The development of bone structures in alligator eggs raised under varying oxygen concentrations creates a link to fossil records of the evolution of vertebrates and prehistoric atmospheric oxygen concentrations, according to a paper to be presented at the Earth System Processes 2 meeting in Alberta, Canada. View News Article (2005-08-05)

Marine pathogens spread much faster than their terrestrial counterparts
It has become increasingly clear that pathogen epidemics are as significant a component of marine systems as they are in terrestrial systems. At an National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) working group on Diseases in the Ocean, McCallum, Harvell and Dobson collated data on epidemic spread from both terrestrial and marine environments. Their analysis, in a forthcoming issue... View News Article (2003-11-24)

Diverse tropical forests defy metabolic ecology models
As global change accelerates, quantifying the role of forests in the carbon cycle becomes ever more urgent. Modelers seek simple predictors of forest biomass and carbon flux. View News Article (2006-04-24)

"Live fast, die young" applies to forests, too.
Forests provide humans with economically important and often irreplaceable products and services, and affect global climate by acting as sources and sinks of heat-trapping carbon dioxide. Yet the possible responses of forests to ongoing environmental changes are poorly understood. In the most recent issue of Ecology Letters, Stephenson and van Mantgem show that birth and death rates of trees vary... View News Article (2005-04-19)

Scientific design of GM farm-scale evaluations made public
The 40th anniversary issue of the British Ecology Society's Journal of Applied Ecology this month leads with two major papers describing the background, methodology and experimental design of the farm-scale evaluations of genetically modified herbicide-tolerant crops. In laying out the statistical design and methods of data collection for the trials, these two papers not only pave the way for... View News Article (2003-02-07)

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