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Week 01

Top Science News & Current Event Articles from January 1996

Imaging Methods Results In Better Care For Hand Problems
Magnetic resonance images of abnormal blood vessels in the hand can help determine the best treatment without invasive procedures or radiation, a study including Johns Hopkins concludes

Study Shows How Ancient Chinese Herb May Act As Alzheimer Drug
A Weizmann Institute study shows exactly how a substance derived from a moss long used in Chinese folk medicine blocks a brain enzyme that may be involved in Alzheimer disease. This finding may help design a new generation of Alzheimer drugs with improved properties

Disordering Brain Gives Clues To Brain Disorders: "Knock-Out" Mice Provide Evidence On How Cerebral Cortex Forms
Harvard Medical School researcher Li-Huei Tsai and her colleagues report in the January 1997 Neuron that mutant mice lacking a certain gene fail to establish the layered pattern that characterizes the cerebral cortex, a finding that sheds light on how the cortex unfolds during embryonic development

Scientists Find Early Clues Into Scleroderma, Develop New Method Of Study
Johns Hopkins scientists studying scleroderma may have identified the unique molecular footprints on the biochemical trail leading the immune system to attack its own tissues is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to