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July 12, 1996
Harvard Researchers Identify Key Controller In Body's Immune Response
Researchers at Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School discover protein that serves as

Gene Marker Aids Livestock Production
Forget washboard abdomens and sleeker thighs. When it comes to livestock, the latest rage is bigger butts.

Rigid Style Of Expressing Anger Harmful To Health, Study Finds
People who openly express their anger have something in common with those who hide it -- both groups may be risking their cardiac health.

House Incumbents Use Large Campaign Funds To Deter Challengers
U.S. House members prevent high-quality challengers from opposing them in elections by raising large campaign war chests.

Special News Report On Prions In 12 July 1996 Science
A special news report in the 12 July 1996 of Science takes a detailed look at the evidence for and against prions, a little known but highly controversial protein that the recent

About Half Of Business Decisions End In Failure, Study Shows
Managers fail about half the time when they make business decisions involving their organization, a new study suggests.

Cornell Chemists Determine The Structure Of A New, Key Protein
Cornell chemists have determined the structure of a key protein that binds to a powerful immunosuppressive agent, opening the door to improved cancer treatments and human gene therapy

Patients' Brains Show Accuracy Of Alzheimer's Disease Gene Typing
For a long time, the only way to determine if Alzheimer s disease patients actually had the disorder was to examine their brains after death.

Mediterranean Insects Brought Here To Control Field Bindweed
Having proved they could live through last winter's sub-zero temperatures, tiny Mediterranean mites are again being unleashed by USDA researchers to attack field bindweed, which infests millions of acres of wheat, corn and other crops particularly in thePacific Northwest

Rites of Passage Programs Increase Self-Esteem of Foster Children
Programs for male African-American foster children about their cultural heritage may improve self-esteem, and encourage them to take a positive interest in their communities. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to