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August 09, 1996
Teachers Capture the Excitement of Martian Meteorite with Science 'Toolkit'
When students walk into Juanita Ryan's classroom abuzz about the recent discovery of possible fossilized organisms in a Martian meteorite, she will have tools to stimulate their curiosity, rather than stifle it; a set of curriculum guides about the scientific search for life in the universe, developed with the support of the National Science Foundation

Basic College Science Courses 'Filter Out' Most Students
Introductory college science and math courses serve largely as a filter, screening out all but the most promising students, and leaving the majority of college graduates -- including most prospective teachers -- with little understanding of how science works, according to a new study conducted for the National Science Foundation

ACE Spacecraft Nears Completion At Applied Physics Laboratory
The Advanced Composition Explorer spacecraft, known as ACE, is undergoing final integration this summer and fall at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in preparation for a mid-1997 launch from Cape Canaveral.ACE is a NASA mission to study the nature and origin of energetic particles from the sun and from beyond the solar system

A Gold For British Science
Britain may not have struck much gold in Atlanta but a British team has recently achieved a scientific first.

FDA Approves Safer Seldane Developed By Georgetown Pharmacologist
The FDA has approved fexofenadine, a new, safer version of the popular, non-sedating antihistamine Seldane that effectively relieves the symptoms of seasonal allergies without Seldane's potential to cause a deadly heart condition when taken with other commonly prescribed medications. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to