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August 28, 1996
Outcomes Of Prostate Removal Assessed
Men with localized prostate cancer have several treatment options and too little information to choose between them.

Hibernation: The Opposite of Sleep?
Is animal hibernation really a blissful, season-long slumber, or is it more like a months-long bout with insomnia?

Genetic Alterations Linked To Cancer In Some Blood Samples
Using a recently developed molecular test, investigators at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have detected genetic mutations specific to cancer in blood samples of six patients with head and neck cancer.

New Theory Of Sexual Orientation Could Help Resolve Nature-Nurture Debate
One universal principle-opposites attract-accounts for homosexuality as well as heterosexuality, according to a Cornell University psychologist who proposes a sweeping new theory of how sexual orientation develops

Researchers Study How Sediment Basins Stop Silt
Muddy water. That's what you get when a typical summer thunder storm dumps on a construction site and that is why developers in Pennsylvania and many other states are required to dig sediment basins to remove silt from runoff.

Earthquake Prediction Rests On Faulty Premise
The cover story in the Sept/Oct issue of The Sciences magazine reports that following last year's earthquake in Kobe, Japan, many scientists are claiming that the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on prediction projects is wasted money The article's author, Midori Ashida, is available for interviews by calling the New York Academy of Sciences- 212.838.0230,x.231, or email, eknewitz@nyas.or

Alzheimer's disease center seeks patients for new drug studies
UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas is one of 30 medical centers across the nation testing propentofylline, an oral drug for Alzheimer's that also may be effective for patients who experience dementia as a result of strokes is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to