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September 13, 1996
Bottom Layer Of Earth's Mantle May Be Partially Molten, According To Seismic Evidence
A peculiar type of seismic wave has unveiled a major surprise deep within the earth: The base of the planet's mantle, long assumed hard as a rock, instead may be partially molten.

Partial Liquid Breathing Improves Lung Function, Chances of Survival in Sick Preemies
A five-center trial led by a University at Buffalo researcher has shown partial liquid ventilation improves lung function in some children with life-threatening respiratory distress syndrome, increasing their chances of survival.

Fran Underscores Objectives Of Myrtle Beach Media Tour
Soon after Hurricane Fran roared through North Carolina, investigators with Duke University's Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines were already surveying storm damage by air and on foot at battered developed beach areas like Topsail Island and Figure Eight Island

Human-Like Ability, Categorical Perception, Found In Insects
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