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September 18, 1996
National Jewish Researchers Find Regular Use of Inhaled Beta-Agonist is
Safe, but Doesn't Stop Mild Asthma Symptoms More Effectively Than Using Medica People who use beta-agonists on a regular schedule to control mild asthma symptoms receive no greater benefit than people who use beta-agonists only to control asthma symptom

Study Shows Suicide A Greater Danger To Police Officers Than Homicide
Police officers are eight times more likely to die by their own hand than by homicide and take their own lives at a much higher rate than other municipal employees, a study by University at Buffalo epidemiologists has shown.

Duke Primate Center Sets October Expedition To Find 'Juliet'
The Duke University Primate Center has announced an Oct. 2-18 expedition to capture a mate for Romeo, the only diademed sifaka in captivity.

Digging At The Roots Of Physics At The Cornell Theory Center
Cornell physicist Toichiro Kinoshito has used the high-performance computing resources of the Cornell Theory Center to improve the accuracy of the value of the fine structure constant - one of the fundamental fixed values of physics.

New Concept Explains Why Mammals Can't Repair Central Nervous System Damage
A treatment for central nervous sustem injuries ma one day be developed based on a Weizmann Institute of Scienc study reported in the September issue of The FASEB Journal. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to