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October 01, 1996
Study Shows Major Savings In Supervising TB Care
Researchers at Johns Hopkins have shown for the first time that spending more time and money up front to keep tuberculosis patients on strict drug regimens saves money in the long run

Gene Therapy For Anemia Succeeds In Animal Model
By injecting custom-built genes into muscle tissue in mice, University of Chicago researchers produced a lasting therapeutic response.

Millipede's 'Barbed Grappling Hooks' Thwart Predators, Scanning Electron Microscope Study Reveals
Microscopic examination has revealed the defense secret of a tiny millipede that was entangling its enemies millions of years before porcupines and Velcro came along.

Frog Is Prince of New Technology
An easy, no-frills method of producing transgenic frogs by the hundreds, inexpensively and overnight, has been developed by Harvard Medical School researchers.

Epilepsy Drugs Can Lead To Unplanned Pregnancy
A Johns Hopkins study has found that more than 1 in 5 neurologists and obstetricians had patients with epilepsy who developed unwanted pregnancies because their anti-epilepsy drugs interfered with their birth control pills

OHSU Scientists Discover Brain Signaling System That Modulates Sensitivity To Paing System
Scientists have discovered a brain signaling system that opposes the action of opioid drugs like morphine.

More Ashkenazi Jews Have Gene Defect that Raises Inherited Breast Cancer Risk
An inherited genetic mutation that increase the risk of breast cancer in Jewish women of Eastern European descent is three times more common than previously estimated, according to a study led by researchers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Model of Earth's Interior Predicts Size and Shape of Tectonic Plates
With a simple assumption and lots of supercomputer time, two National Science Foundation (NSF)-supported geophysicists have solved a long-standing problem in geology -- why the jigsaw puzzle of crustal plates on the Earth√Ęs surface looks the way it does

New Pecan Variety Produces Early-Season Nuts
Pecan growers as far north as Kansas can soon start growing a new pecan variety, Kanza, whose early harvest could translate to premium prices by beating other pecans to market--as early as Sept.

Vaccine May Protect against Major Cause of Blindness
Scientists at Johns Hopkins and the University of Massachusetts have developed an unusual vaccine that may prevent or speed recovery from chlamydia, the world's leading cause of infectious blindness and sexually transmitted diseases.

The Days Of The Big Hospital Are Over
After being the center of the medical system throughout the century, hospital inpatient care has now moved to the periphery, said professor of public health James C. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to