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October 03, 1996
New Way To Coat Fibers Leads To Cheaper Means Of Filtering Pollutants
The development of activated, phenol-coated glass fibers represents a potential breakthrough in the adsorption of environmental contaminants, a team of University of Illinois researchers reports

Discovery Of Cell Sites May Shed Light On How Bodily Systems Interact
Scientists have located -- and produced a vivid picture of -- specific cells that contain receptors for a hormone-like substance made by the immune system and associated with declines in growth-hormone production in animals with bacterial infections.

Component In Soy Products May Be Substitute For Estrogen Treatment
Soy protein used for six months by nutrition scientists in a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet for 66 postmenopausal women increased bone-mineral density, providing evidence that a key compound in soy products -- isoflavones -- could be a substitute for estrogen treatment.

Grafted Motor Nerves Found Effective
A Johns Hopkins animal study suggests that grafted motor nerves may be more effective than sensory nerves for restoring movement.

New Compound May Aid Hunt For Stroke Drugs
Johns Hopkins scientists have discovered a tiny protein that, if used as a prototype, could speed the search for drugs to stop the serious brain damage that often follows a stroke

Finding On Thin Films Might Lead To Better Understanding Of Quakes
Squeezed into progressively thinner films, some liquids actually will behave like soft solids, reports Steve Granick, a materials scientist at the University of Illinois.

New Artificial Lung Being Developed at Northwestern
Reseachers at Northwestern University are developing an artificial lung that an be implanted inside the chest cavity and attached directly to the artery connecting the heart to the lung.

Parents Should Prepare For Older Kids' Withdrawal From Home Life
Parents shouldn't fret about their kids' absence from household life between fifth and 12th grades, because it's not likely a reflection of family turmoil, according to a new study.

Experiment Proves New Weather-Data Collecting Technique
Government, university, and private-sector partners who 18 months ago launched a small radio-signal receiver into space believe it proves that the existing network of 24 Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites offers tremendous opportunity for global weather prediction and climate change research

Discovery Could Help Understand Breast-Cancer Therapies
Breast-cancer researchers at the University of Illinois have identified four amino acids viewed as leading actors in the binding of estrogen and anti-estrogen hormones to receptor proteins in the female reproductive system.

Scientists Develop Mouse Model for Alzheimer's Disease
A new mouse model for Alzheimer's will further understanding' of the disease and ultimately allow for testing of drug therapies.

New Technique Measures Nerve Impulses
A Johns Hopkins researcher has developed a new technique to measure electrical impulses in a cranial nerve, which may lead to improved diagnosis and treatment of some facial nerve disorders

Kindergarten More Difficult For Boys Who Don't Get Along With Peers
Kindergarten-age boys and girls are affected differently in school by the types of friendships they develop, researchers have found. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to