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October 10, 1996
Healthy Habitats Reduce Chemical Impacts On Aquatic Life
New testing methods utilized by South Carolina Sea Grant ecotoxologist Thomas Chandler show that thriving estuarine habitats can help absorb and reduce some impacts of toxic chemicals on aquatic creatures

Sea Grant Research Aiming To Sink Shipworm Damage
Research by Delaware Sea Grant scientist may lead to new environmentally-friendly controls of shipworms which have caused millions of dollars of infrastructure damage in U.S. coastal ports.

World's Most Studied Glacier Surges Again
The world's most studied glacier surged recently at least four years ahead of when scientists were expecting it to.

Grants Will Support 'Basic Research' in Educational Technology
Imagine a day in the future when children use sophisticated software tools to build their own scientific instruments, prospective engineers learn their trade in ãvirtual factoriesä that exist only on the Internet, and teachers use programs that employ artificial intelligence to help turn student assessments into effective strategies for helping students to learn better.

New Software Provides Quick Analysis of ion-Channel Activity
University at Buffalo biophysicists have developed software programs that take only minutes to analyze the activity of ion channels, providing information critical to understanding various genetic diseases and some neuromuscular disorders and some cardiac arrythmias.

Eruption Spotted By Satellite
A Geophysical Institute researcher spotted an eruption of Bezymianny Volcano from 2000 miles away using satellite imagery.

Researchers Seek Seismic Secrets In Hawaii
An experiment designed to help researchers find out more about the earthquakes that occur when volcanoes erupt was set up near Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano this winter.

They Call Him The "Turtle Man"
Louisiana Sea Grant microbiologist's research is leading to new ways to eliminate salmonella among the turtle populations, and may one day lead to their availability again in pet shops in the U.S.

ACTG 175, CPCRA 007 Trial Results Published
Three reports detailing the results of two large-scale HIV treatment studies, supported by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and an accompanying editorial, will appear in the Oct. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to