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October 15, 1996
Brookhaven National Lab Named Drug Addiction Study Center
The biochemical origins of drug addiction, and possible ways to block those addictions, will be the focus at a new study center using PET imaging at the U.S.

Gene Discovery Could Overcome Aluminum Barrier To Higher Wheat Yields Worldwide
A U.S. Department of Agriculture scientist and colleagues in three other countries have found a gene in rye that could help wheat, a major food staple, grow on millions of acres worldwide that are now hostile to the crop

Testosterone May Fight As Well As Feed Prostate Cancers
In a surprising finding that suggests radical changes in the way prostate cancer is managed, University of Chicago researchers have shown in laboratory experiments that the male hormone testosterone, which fuels prostate cancers early in their growth, canin later stages cause tumors to stop growing or even shrink

Lacking a Clear Focus, U.S. Science and Mathematics Courses Cover Many Subjects But Provide Little Depth
Compared to their counterparts abroad, U.S. science and mathematics teachers are expected to cover a dizzying variety of subjects every school year, and, as result, students seldom get to explore key topics in any depth, according to a groundbreaking, international curriculum study funded by the National Science Foundation

Bulllies & Their Victims: More Similar Than They Think?
Contradicting the theories that bullies and victims are far apart in personality, research at Brandeis University suggests that both groups' behavior may stem from a similar deficit in problem-solving abilities

Why We Lie: Because Society Tells Us To
Most people couldn't get through a day without shading the truth because the rewards for lying are greater than for telling the truth, a Brandeis psychologist says is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to