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October 23, 1996
Jupiter's Largest Moon Has Thin Oxygen Atmosphere
A Johns Hopkins-led team using the Hubble Space Telescope has found evidence of a thin oxygen atmosphere on Ganymede, Jupiter's largest moon.

The Swallowing of Earth's Ocean Floors
An international team of scientists representing nine countries will this month board the drill ship JOIDES Resolution -- currently docked in San Diego, California -- to study the ocean floor off Costa Rica.

Frail, Elderly Patients More Opposed To Physician
Researchers at Duke University Medical Center have found that the very population most likely to be affected by legalizing physician-assisted suicide is the group that favors it the least

Implantable Pump Has Advantages Over Insulin Injections
Many diabetics may get insulin easier and more effectively from a small automatic pump put inside their bodies than from daily injections, according to a cooperative study by researchers at Veterans Affairs Medical Centers and Johns Hopkins.

Voting Machines Can Make Casting Votes, Challenging, Studies Show
The design of some voting machines may make it needlessly difficult for people to cast ballots Nov.

Study Reports Human Impact On Global Nitrogen Cycling Greater Than Origianally Believed; Rate Of Impact Accelerating
Human-induced changes to the global nitrogen cycling patterns are much more significant than previously believed is the finding of a new study. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to