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November 08, 1996
Drinking Water, Air Pollution Should Be Top Priorities for Nation's Capital
Researchers at Resources for the Future have released the findings of one of the first and most comprehensive evaluations of the District of Columbia's environmental condition that pinpoint the cityĆ¢s often-unsafe drinking water and growing air pollutionas problems of highest priority.

Removable Filter Catches Deadly Blood Clots Red-Handed
A team of Johns Hopkins physicians placed a temporary metal filter inside a major vein to catch a life-threatening blood clot in a bedridden patient.

Earth's Inner Core Not A Monolithic Iron Crystal, Say UC Berkeley Seismologists
A new analysis of seismic waves traveling through the center of the Earth disproves a neat hypothesis that many geophysicists had secretly hoped was true, that the planet's inner core is a perfectly aligned mass of iron crystals nearly 1,500 miles across

Scientists Trek to Africa for Biosphere-Atmosphere Chemistry Study
The most important sampling to date of biospheric and atmospheric chemistry in tropical rainforests will culminate in December, when National Science Foundation (NSF)-supported scientists complete a rare study of the African atmosphere.

MIT Physicists Envision Violent Beginnings For Newly Discovered Planets
The dozen or so new planets discovered within the past year probably had violent beginnings, mainly because they were born in solar systems with two or more massive planets the size of Jupiter, according to astrophysicists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Policy Implications of Global Climate Change To Be Investigated
A new Climate Economics and Policy Program has been launched by Resources for the Future that aims to increase understanding and knowledge of the complex issues of global climate change that must be addressed to design appropriate, cost-effective policies in the United States and abroad

University Of Georgia Scientists Release 15,000 Fingerlings In Effort To Save Fish From Extinction
A dramatic rescue mission that could save a river-dwelling fish from extinction takes a major step in mid-November when scientists from the University of Georgia and other agencies release some 15,000 fingerlings into northeast Georgia's Broad River is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to